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A Decade in Review | The Top Ten Seasons of the 2010s

As the last season of this decade has come to an end I thought it would be a good idea to review all those years by creating kind of a (personal) top ten list anyone can comment on and give their opinions about. Maybe create your own list as well.

This is a opinion based discussion! As we all know, opinions may vary. So please be respectful to others and their opinion. You can express your own opinion freely here as well. All we want to have is just a bit of fun.


10 - 2015
Post image
Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg tangling on Lap 1 at the 2015 United States Grand Prix
This has to be the worst season this decade for me. The championship fight wasn't really on as Hamilton completely dominated Rosberg that year and 9 times the podium consisted of Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel. As much as I was happy to see Vettel being happy again I can't get over how much of a snoozefest many races except maybe Hungary and USA (and the season in general) were. Although: We got some nice Team Radios from Alonso this year due to McLaren and Honda failing immensely hard.


9 - 2011
Post image
Jenson Button winning the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

Vettel domination. He annihilated the field. We had (together with Germany 2019) the probably best race of the decade in Canada but other than that this season really didn't impress me too much. The races weren't too bad otherwise as no one really understood the Pirellis but all in all not really something to be too fuzzed about.


8 - 2013
Post image
Sebastian Vettel doing donuts after winning the 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

The summer break really split the mood of this season in half. The first half was actually kinda decent. We had some different winners and a lot of unpredictability. Tyres were exploding, everyone was making fun of Pirelli and it looked to be a "meh" championship with at least a little bit of fun. The second half though was horrific in terms of show. Vettel won every single Race since the summer break to secure his title early again while breaking Michael Schumachers record of 7 consecutive wins in a season and the races weren't really worth watching either. At least Lotus was able to mix the podium up once in a while. And may we never forget that Kimi skipping the last two races due to an "injury".


7 - 2019
Post image
Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel getting very close at the 2019 Canadia Grand Prix

I'm a little bit uncertain about this season. Regarding the championship, this has to be the most boring season this decade by far. Top three teams miles ahead of the competition, Mercedes dominating like none other, on the podium the same faces all year. Until France I almost couldn't bother watching as we also had the same 5 drivers in the top 5 up until that point and Mercedes was already leading by a huge margin. At that pint I already ticked the championship off my thoughts that year. And it proved to be a great decision as I enjoyed the following races much more only thinking about the race itself. From Austria onwards the show improved massively. We saw an all-time classic at Germany, had some intense battles (Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy), silly decisions made by some teames (Ferrari *cough*), a good midfield scrap and some surprises along the way (Brazil). The second half was actually vastly more enjoyable than the first but the opening 7 races really spoilt the party. Kudos to Sainz and Verstappen though. What a consistent and impressive season from both!


6 - 2017
Post image
Carnage unfolding on lap 1 of the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix

This was the season everybody was waiting for imo. Ferrari on the rise, Vettel on the rise, Mercedes actually having competition for once and wider, faster and more exciting cars. Sadly it didn't deliver completely. The races were quite okay but it's incredible how Ferrari have thrown this away in the second half. Hamilton delivered and secured the points while Ferrari let their drivers down by poor reliability and sub-par strategy calls. IMO this was the beginning of the demise of both Vettel and Ferrari.


5 - 2018
Post image
Both Red Bull Racing cars crashing out at the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Almost a carbon copy of 2017 but with a little bit more action. Verstappen was a bit of a Jackass during the first half but impressed massively in the second. Vettel completely lost all his confidence after Germany handing the Championship again to Hamilton. Bottas was nowhere which was actually kinda good in the sense that a Mercedes was now actually fighting with Red Bull and Ferrari. Kimi gained momentum this year before moving to Alfa and ended up actually winning a Grand Prix after all that time. Due to the lack of excitement during the second half and some not so exciting races all along I can't put this any higher up the list.


4 - 2014
Post image
Nico Rosberg touching the rear tyre of Lewis Hamilton at the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix

Well, this started it all, didn't it. After the pre-season tests people were actually excited to see Mercedes succeed (yeah, incredible. I can't believe it either). The new engine and aero regulations proved to be the key for a bit of a mixup in the grid. So Mercedes completely wiped the competition and set a new podium and 1-2 record in a season instantly while 67% of all points that year were awarded to Teams running the Mercedes engine. GG Mercedes HPP, GG! This also was the season that started the awesome Hamilton - Rosberg rivalry. Even though this season wasn't amazing it still was enjoyable to watch as the championship went down to the last race in Abu Dhabi (granted, only because of the double points rule for the last race). Races were quite okay in general (except for Bahrain, that was amazing) and I really enjoyed Williams succeed that year even getting a Pole Position in Austria that year.


3 - 2016
Post image
Both Mercedes crashing out of the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix

What? This in P3? But Mercedes dominated like never before taking 19 out of 21 wins and more points than ever?!? Well, yes. I thoroughly enjoyed this season from start to finish. The mental battle between Hamilton and Rosberg took on new heights, we had drama, we had great races and a championship fight right to the end. Mercedes had to deal with two drivers steaming their heads against each other - to our enjoyment and Totos frustration. Australia showed us the current state of safety in F1 after Alonsos huge crash in the race. Spain proved to be what an amazing battle Red Bull and Ferrari could put up if the silver arrows were silenced for once. We had some massive controversies along the way: Mercedes switching the drivers mechanics, the Kvyat - Verstappen swap, the Mercedes accidents in Spain and Austria, the team radio ban (Baku, UK) and the glorious Red Bull pit stop in Monaco. I have to say though: The sabotage accusations against Mercedes regarding Hamiltons car were just silly. Even in Mercedes position that doesn't make any sense.


2 - 2010
Post image
Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso being stuck behind Vitaly Petrov at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

This was the season that got me hooked into F1 as it was my very first to follow in in its entirety. And what a season it was! The fight for points was so incredibly tight that you simply couldn't predict anything during the whole year. I remember guessing the top ten drivers before each race togerther with a friend. Just the fact that we always said "Well he won last time so he can't win again" really says enough about this year. You simply couldn't predict what was going to happen next. FOUR drivers were in the fight for the title at the last round. And the one who never lead the championship at any point during the season managed to come out on top. The cars sounded great, the excitement level was high and it was probably the best introduction to a sport I could've imagined.


1 - 2012
Post image
Romain Grosjean causing mayhem at the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix

Okay. Where do you want me to start? Firstly, the driver lineup was insane. Six World Champions (Vettel, Button, Hamilton, Räikkönen, Alonso, Schumacher), the return of Kimi, Michaels last season, Webber looking for revenge, freaking Pastor Maldonado, T1 specialist Grosjean, Mercedes showing signs of competetiveness (in the first halt at least), a young and promising Pérez and even Ayton Sennas nephwe Bruno Senna. And all that in one Grid! Secondly, no one understood the tyres. That resulted in seven winners in the first seven races. Eight race winners in general. Twelve different people on the podium. Maldonado wins a GP. Michael Schumacher finally gets on the podium in Valencia after his return. In China Kimi dropped from 2nd to god knows where in two laps after his tyre practically evaporated. The Championship has the most insane finale race you could imagine in Brazil. Grosjean wiped out half the field in Spa and got a race ban for that. Maldonado collected an infinite amount of penalties during that season. McLaren was unbelievably unreliable that year despite having the strongest car. Kimi got lost in Brazil. Maldonado threw away good points in Australia and Valencia due to crashing etc. etc. Honestly, I could go on for hours here. All I want to say is, that I am truly thankful to have wintessed this awesome mess of a season live. What a memorable season that was!

Now it's your turn! What are your thoughts? Let me know down below and thanks for reading.
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Sasha Jednak

Sasa Jednak
1. 2012
2. 2010
Nothing to say for those 2, they speak for themselves. As for others they can go in any order
3. 2014 - excluding different classes there was good racing even on track. Just ahead next 2 because 2nd driver was bit closer to his teammate in this year.
4. 2013 - Promised in first half, then "something" changed. Excluding one alien it wasn't bad year.
5/6. 2011 - Coming after it's previous season it had big shoes to fill. But with boosted confidence after win and meltdown of "the one" in gray team, it was easy walk.
2017 - They are back, he is on top form again, but in season development stopped what could be the best season this decade. With "the one" mentally free after his teammate left the sport and "the other" on top of his game.
7. 2018 - "the other" breaking down as always in even years, lot of if's left on table.
8. 2019 - "They are not coming, they are here", they just need cars. :roflmao:
9. 2016 - Holywood??? Looked like it, smelled like it, ended like it. :roflmao:
10. 2015 - to far from 2013 by looking at list, but as I don't remember single race from that year except Malaysia it was same with less action.