a couple of suggestion for the game


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Feb 3, 2009
i remember in the late 90s there were so many people online racing you could specialize in any combo you wanted, now theres hardly people racing with which usually youre into combos you havent practiced, i think i know the reason for the lack of public:

wheels are expensive

i remember an f1 game of the late 90s that on easy mode had so many aids it was faster driving with the keyboard than with a wheel

how about bringing that back?

if you want to be pro and use a wheel drive assists off but if you cant afford a wheel why shouldnt you be good if youre willing to invest the time?

i think it was specially important steering assistance which avoided understeering problems with keyboard which modern games have no more

the other suggestion is a concern of mine of crashing nine laps out of ten to be able to get the fastest time, a challenge of mine is complete a 60 race laps in gpl

how about making ghost competitions of 60 laps?

of course you shouldnt be disqualified for leaving the track but maybe put obstacles where can be shorted as lfs did or give you a time sanction reflected in the ghostcar your racing agains(it could be more than one ghostcar)
Dec 5, 2013
I agree with you about the limited amount of laps in a competition. SimBin should try this out (if its possible) on a free to race competition.

Idea #1 is not necessary for me, as there already is the novice mode or do you mean something different?

I just want to see the basics of the eSport scene in the game. The ability to livestream certain events, having official teams in-game (like Dota2) and all this stuff (i can explain all of it if someone wants to). The best way to get casual players or not simracing experienced players to buy the game, is to show them how it is.

Jay Ekkel

Nov 5, 2007
We are already looking into muli laps competitions/challenges. Been ont he wishlist for a while, but isn't a high priority at the moment. its all MP MP MP MP MP MP at the moment
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Kjell Eilertsen

Jun 7, 2012
I'm fine as long as I have the option to not race against people using aids, no matter what controller. I'll rather have a half full grid of people with wheels and no aids than a full with half of them being keyboard racers using aids to beat me.

Rupe Wilson

Mar 1, 2009
As staff at RD we often look at setting up a league or a number of events all linked with a points system,
After every event we often have to download files and upload them to say GPCOS to keep track, all drivers in the league must enrol and, at times its a lot of extra work,

What would be cool is a feature that would have all this done with a simple click of a button
We can make up a list of events and run them as a league the server side keeps track of the drivers and points for us, we have the option to edit the grid and points if needed, (driver infractions)
we can set it up with a custom points system for fastest lap , pole etc.
we can add weight penalties to drivers, cars, or teams.
all these option can be set up or edited when making a league.
After when the race is over it can be uploaded to Raceroom where it can be viewed by all with a simple click of a button by the event organiser.
You have the leader boards for hot lapping already.
so leader boards for league races would be a cool feature.
These kind of functions can be really helpful in promoting the events.

Then we have live stream. Always a good feature to have.
the live stream team can log in to the server to broadcast the event and have it all ready to go, with a custom dashboard like a tv studio,

We have seen what is possible with Race07,rf1,rf2 but its all done as a extra.
if it was all integrated into the system this would make it so much easier.
the live steam team can also be a race control, penalties can be given on the fly.
ex, Drive through, stop and go.
Safety cars driven by AI or a nominated driver but controlled by race control. they can control the speed of the car and decide when to pull it in.

all the above features can make a big difference when running a league or series.
obviously this is allot of work to implement.
but we are looking at the long term goals and looking where sim racing is heading these kind of features should not be overlooked.
The ability to organise events is just as important as the racing its self, once the Sim is up and running with MP.


Mar 21, 2009
Absolutely agree with Rupe. Good league support ensures longevity of R3E.
Managing a Race07 league by myself i know what Rupe is talking about. Race07 is missing a lot of features for league administration. It's sometimes PITA to have almost no league tools available.
I really hope that Simbin will go far more steps further with R3E, to give leagues a good base. (... even though i'm well aware that this isn't developed within a short time. A good thing takes time)

Tony Hope

Feb 16, 2013
The above things are more important ATM (mp) but down the road good 3D support would be cool