A Classic track i would love to be DLC

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  1. Jeffry in t Veld

    Jeffry in t Veld

    There is one track i would really like seeing in the game as a classic track:

    The old Hockenheimring!

    It was always fun driving on this track in the older F1 games, especially how fast you could make the car go on those fast straights with tinkering around with the setup of the car... The new version has nothing for me anymore. :(

    Another track i would love to see in a racing game once again is Circuit Park Zandvoort from here in The Netherlands, a track used in F1 from 1952 to August 1985, the track also saw the tragic death of Roger Williamson who burned to death in his car. I had the great opportunity this year to get on the track in a Ferrari as a passenger:

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  3. F1Aussie


    old hockenheim is one of my top 3 favourite tracks to watch and play, i would love a DLC OF THIS!!!!!