A city driving sim, would you play it?

Hey there, I am here to get opinions on a game idea. In short, the game is something in between City Car Driving, Forza Horizon and GTA. It would be great if you can share your honest opinion and wishes for such a game, especially after you read what is planned. What are the most important aspects for such a game that haven't been addressed below?

I hope you participate in the poll, this can be interesting feedback on how certain stages of development are perceived by this community.

Important to note is that we would only offer content that is serious, we'd not ask for money if there is no gameplay footage by independent reviewers. So consider your poll choices based on that and what is described below.

Not on the same level with top sims probably but as real as possible. At least it should feel right, you get all the common setup parameters and the result on handling and tire temperatures should be what you expect. I guess every Sim has its flaws and strengths there. Driving helpers for Controller and Keyboard users shall be available.

Probably the most important feature is a complete and believable traffic system. The goal is to have many and well-behaving AI cars with lots of settings such as density, behavior etc. Do you know a game that has great traffic simulation? In my view GTA 4 had the best simulation I have seen so far. In GTA 5 for example they show you the finger if you do stop on a red light.

Graphics and Effects
Regarding graphics effects and performance cost the game will not have to hide. Probably the quality of the environment is not as detailed at the beginning but the level of GTA 5 is the benchmark after some years.
Weather conditions like rain and snow, fully daytime and dynamic lights are important.

VR, Multi-Screen and Steering Wheel support is very important. The balance between performance and visuals is another vital aspect, the game shall give as many frames as possible if graphical features are disabled while it provides great visuals if you play it say on only one screen on a mid-level GPU.

From the beginning only imaginary cars (but works for GTA) that are partially derived from real cars. Mainly streetcars and only a few racing cars. But on top of that a set of "special" vehicles like police cars, fire trucks, first aid, taxis, buses, trucks etc.
Car features such as indicators, windshield wipers and sprayers, light modes, GPS systems etc. shall be implemented.

Maps and Tracks
The game would in the beginning feature one imaginary European style map with up to 100km². In the future more and maybe bigger maps inspired by USA, UK and Asia are planned. At least one race track is also included but it won't be a real one either.

Cars shall be moddable from the beginning. Track design might be possible in the future but complete maps are rather unlikely.

Definitely a must-have, this can be targeted for roaming drivers and role-playing scenarios. Here I would really like your ideas of what you do in Forza Horizon or GTA and what you miss in these games. I have seen people chasing each other, trying to disguise in Traffic or do heavy haulage with police escorts. There can be different GameModes ad server rules, for example you get kicked after you ran over 3 red lights if you want to have a driving school kind of server. On the other hand, you may simulate a police chase with some bad guys.
You shall be able to self-host servers with many options such as disable driving aids.

Game modes and challenges
Despite what is described above there should be of course game modes that help you to either learn real-world traffic rules or how to control the car in the sim. Many other things are possible such as rushing from A to B with a limit of damage, especially with emergency vehicles. Driving for a given time within a given limit of traffic law violations.

Things you may not see at least early in development
Real cars or real tracks.
Damage model, both visual and physical.
Visual customization like body parts or skins.
Any kind AI that does not follow regular traffic rules, including chasing or racing AI.
Extensive modding support other than cars.
Amount of content in general, size and variation of maps, cars and challanges


RMG Motorsports
I was honest in voting no, I wouldn't fund this. And to be honest, I probably wouldn't buy it either. I already drive on real roads every day, and deal with all the frustration that it entails. I can't imagine why I would want to do the same in my free time at home. You keep mentioning GTA and that is the game I turn to if I want to drive in a somewhat "realistic" city just for fun. However, if driving was all it offered then I wouldn't own that game either.

I can see the value of such a project if the aim is to make it a training aid for those learning to drive. It'd be a better way of doing it rather than throwing them straight out on the roads in a real car, as is the way it's currently done in the UK. So educational tool yes, but I just don't see the entertainment value of a driving simulator.

Of course, these are just my personal opinions, nothing more. :)
Sure no problem, I also can't quite relate to Truck Simulators for example, but people love them :)
No much traffic here I suppose but I learned in a Reddit posting that these vague ideas might not be ideal. Anyway I got my feedback and will work on making this more detailed.
i would think this would be really cool because imagine with mods we get some drift cars and do some street drifting in between cars it would be cool