80s cars?!

What era of cars would you like to see more of?

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Mar 17, 2014
these are just examples of cars from the era, not cars were particulary voting for

David Wright

Sep 27, 2009
I voted for the 60s but would be perfectly happy with 70s cars up to 1975. After that Group 2 became rather tame and Group 5 was too much of a silhouette formula for me.

For me GT Legends covered just the right era.

Rodger Davies

Apr 17, 2011
Without the Porsche license, my preferences are limited a bit, but I'd love Capris v CSLs v Opel Commadors from 1973, ideally with Escorts v 2002s v Alfa GTAms as a secondary class.

If Porsche license was available, the early DRM years would be suitably fantastic, such as 1977 with Escorts and 935s supplementing the 320s we already have.

I'm not such a fan of the 80s and certainly not a fan of Super Touring (although I loved it at the time, I don't think they've aged well), although I wouldn't complain if we saw the Jaguars and Rovers (maybe just a TWR licence!) to add to the 6 Series and Volvo 240s.

Other than that, I'm a big fan of the modern series approach and would love to see the Blancpain Endurance/Sprint licenses realised in R3E.


Aug 19, 2014
Would really love to see the cars from the 90's Italian supertouring...Alfa 155 V6 TI , Bmw 320 , peugeot 406 and the Audi A4...would be more than lovely...


Apr 9, 2013
Bring back GT Legends! All cars and all tracks...and yes, I know about the Porsche/EA issue. I can still dream, can't I?

I like the early 90's BTCC. Both cars and tracks.

Bring on the V8SCs!

Would be nice to have some series for small bore cars like the MX5 Cup, Clios, Minis (both new and old). These series can be lots of fun with a good bunch of drivers that race clean and have similar pace.

Can Am cars. They would be nuts!

The sky is the limit, really.

As a matter of fact, I agree with just about every post that I've read so far. I am really loving this Physics engine, FFB and track feel. There's lots of tweaking to do to get it to feel just right depending on what the user's tastes are but that's a good thing in some ways. Besides, it's early still and they've made some great progress recently. I'm feeling very positive about this SIM.
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