Sell 8020 Sim Rig!


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Sep 27, 2018
***Update: rig is sold. Pedals are still available

Sell my black anodized 8020 rig. It has an awesome racing seat, that is very comfortable, and you can sit in it for extended periods, without getting sore or uncomfortable. I'm 6'5" 220lbs, and works just fine for me. The keyboard mount/tray/arm, swings out of the way so you can get in and out of it very easily. The mount/shelf for the wheel base is drilled for both Thrustmaster and Fanatec bases, and is fully adjustable, up, down, or even at an angle, based on your preference. There is a shelf/tray for the mouse, and also another for the shifter or handbrake. Both are very sturdy, and easily adjustable as well. The mount for the pedals is also fully adjustable, and can either be angled, or put flat. When I bought the rig, it was only setup for a single monitor. I have since added 2 additional 8020 arms, and monitor mounts, and have been running 24" triples and love it. Again, they are also very sturdy, and have had no issues with monitors sagging, or coming out of adjustment. The entire rig is very collapsible, and can be stored away, if you need to. I have a 7" Android tablet that I used with Sim Dashboard, and that will be included with the rig. I purchased the rig for $600usd, added another $300usd in parts to run triples, so I feel that $700+ shipping is a fair price. After spending as much time as I have on getting it to exactly the way I want it, it pains me to let it go, but it is what it is. ***Please note, this is for the rig only. The Fanatec base & wheel are sold. The keyboard, mouse, and monitors are staying. Although, the pedals and handbrake are for sale! I'm located in Minneapolis, MN and can send any additional pics or answer any questions that you might have. Somebody will definitely be getting a very nice rig. Let me know if you're interested!


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