70 Years of Porsche - JonZ Trailer

Davide Nativo

Columnist for RaceDepartment

JonZ never fails to amaze, and once again releases a breath taking trailer mixing virtual and real race footage.

Starting this project for personal reasons, to add material and knowledge to his work portfolio, JonZ manages to deliver what could be official content from Stuttgart marketing office. Celebrating 70 years of Sportscar making, beginning in the rural region of Gmünd in 1948, Porsche has seen an incremental presence in simracing in the last year. Since the end of the notorious deal that secluded the German manufacturer from the virtual simracing scene for almost a decade due to private agreements with EA and exclusivity to their commercial products, the brand has literally took by assault the market by appearing in almost all of the top sims. Legendary machines like the 550 Spyder, 718 RS, 917-30, 935K, 962 C and recent 911 series, 918 and 919 are finally no longer a dream for us, and provide excitement and fun to our free time. It is no secret that Porsche is also looking with interest at the new and ever growing eSports scene, providing content and funds to support it and the sim drivers that take part in the races, which is superb.

This trailer is then the perfect combination of footage from both worlds, in which the German brand is looking strong and competitive, seamlessly integrating Project Cars 2 clips (video only; audio is not original from the game) with frames from Porsche's Le Mans win and more. A small work to be enjoyed and contemplated, for it remembers us where dreams, passion and commitment can lead to, thanks to the Porsche's family example, and how lucky we are to be able to experience many iconic vehicles or the latest cars in production from such a remarkable manufacturer in our daily lives, thanks to technology and progress.

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