500k Enduro @ Spa '04 - Saturday July 24th

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GT Pro
GT Sport

Servername: Racedepartment.com 500K
Track: Spa '04 Download
Practice: 18:00 GMT - 40 Min
Qualification: 18:40 GMT - 10 Min Superpole
Race: 73 Laps Including formation lap
Weather: Klick here

Practice server
Servername: Racedepartment Enduro
Status: Running

Ranking Point
There will be double ranking points awarded for this event.

Formation lap
First lap of the race will be a single file formation lap. The race leader remains a speed of 100 km/h (60 mph) during the formation lap and the rest of the field follows without swaying. If you spin during the formation lap you follow the field in last position. The race starts when the leader accelerates out of the final corner. No overtaking before the start/finish line.

Dont forget to set your pitstop to Manual in the options! If you leave it on auto your race will end premature due to a pitstop bug at this track.

Race Restart
The race will be restarted at the moment a driver suffers disconnection on the grid before the start lights turn on. We will go back to the qualifying session so the driver who is disconnected can rejoin the game. At this moment everybody needs to stay in his pitbox! Only the driver who has rejoined the session drives to the end of the pit lane, turns around and drives in the wrong direction through the pitlane till he gets disqualified.
A disconnected driver will start the race as last on the grid.
To keep the qualifying standings as they are we will have no warm-up session before the race starts.

Chat, as stated in the rules, is absolutly not tolerated! We dont want to see any "thanks" , "sorry", "np" etc. during qualifying or race. If a driver makes room for you, flash your lights 1 or 2 times to thank him.

Please read:
  • Click here to read the password and golden rules!
  • It is a VERY long endurance event. If you tend to leave an event after a minor crash, you should NOT sign up. It is for the hardcore enduro guys who can manage with the occasional "you have a suspension problem" message.
  • If you sign up we expect you to be there! A no show will be awarded with infraction points.
  • Deadline for providing a skin is 22 July
Entry List

  1. GT Pro: Michal Szabo
  2. GT Pro: Fernando De Almeida
  3. GT Pro: Martin Bulgin
  4. GT Pro: Coen Mulder
  5. GT Pro: Jakob de Boer
  6. GT Pro: Yves Larose
  7. GT Pro: Dave Stephenson
  8. GT Pro: Nigel Middleton
  9. GT Pro: Ondrej Kapal
  10. GT Pro: Mattia Gottardi
  11. GT Pro: Abdul Ahmed
  12. GT Pro: Henrik Horvath
  13. GT Pro: Andreas Löffler
  14. GT Sport: Bob Hutchins
  15. GT Sport: Linus Broström
  16. GT Sport: Joao Andias
  17. GT Sport: Neil Slater
  18. GT Sport: Oancea Gabriel
  19. GT Sport: David Zafiu
  20. GT Sport: Matt Hunt
  21. GT Sport: patrick wuyts
  22. GT Sport: Michael van Scheppingen
  23. GT Sport: Hugo Gonçalves
  24. GT Sport: Rick Hurst
  25. GT Sport: James Chesters
Reserve list

  1. GT Pro: Sidonio Manuel
  2. GT Pro: Danny Asbury
Download the Skin-pack

Delete any previous versions of this skinpack first!
(Delete folder: Skinpack 500k Enduro Club v1.1)

Extract the file into C:\My Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins

GT Pro

Michal Szabo

Dave Stephenson

Mattia Gottardi

Abdul Ahmed

Andreas Löffler

GT Sport

Linus Broström
Let the party begin!

Sign up is open :)

Driver: Remco de Wildt
Class: GT Pro
Skin: Downloadlink or same as previous
Please provide a picture of your skin.
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