50% Races and free practices

Apr 3, 2011
Since I started playing the Formula 1 series of Codemasters I always played 50% races. I don't have the time and the patience to play 100% races, even with the "Mid save session" added to the F1 2013.

ven I have more experience and I take the game more seriously now, I have
always the same question about the fuel and the tyre wear during the free practice session when you set the game to play 50% races.

Let's see: It's seems you get the same tyre wear during the free practice and the race, so it's on the same scale. I think there's no doubt on this point. But the fuel, the amount you can put in the car, the weight and the behavior of the car seems to work differently. For example: a 100% race for the Australian GP is 58 laps, so the 50% race is 29 laps. But when you go to the practice session you can fill the tank with fuel for 58 laps, but the fuel doesn't burn in a ratio of two by one (two laps of fuel by one lap on the track). So, when I try to make a race setup, if I fill the tank for 58 laps, the the behavior of the car is really different during the practice session than at the beginning of the race. But if I fill the tank for 29 laps, sometimes I put more than a 50% of fuel, the car also feels different. So my big doubt, my big question is : What would be the right approach to make a race setup for a 50% race in terms of the fuel you have to put in the tank to have something representative during the free practice session of what are you going to get on the race?
Apr 15, 2013
Put 30 laps fuel and start to create ur setups, that is the behaviour when u leave the start line so the rightest