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5 main PROS and CONS for Assetto Corsa!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Mike85, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Mike85


    5 main PROS and CONS for Assetto Corsa!

    Hi there,

    i'm very interested in your opinion:

    As for you, what are the main 5 good and 5 bad things of assetto corsa in its current state (1.1.1)?

    please comment like this:

    the good:





    the bad:


  2. ouvert


    The Good:
    1. high speed physics
    2. apps idea (and mostly their implementation)
    3. moddability
    4. laserscaned nordschleife
    5. some brands that are not that common and easy to licence ..

    The Bad:
    1. sounds
    2. AI
    3. user interface and key binding
    4. original track variety
    5. inconsistency of FFB
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  3. Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak

    Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak

    1. Physics
    2. laserscanning
    3. mods
    4. graphics

    1. Multiplayer (It is an awful experience to race with random people with no skill and trolls, and there is nothing to prevent that, unlike in iRacing)
    2. FPS drops (especially at the starting straights, even in hotlap mode)
    3. FFB, lots of rattling even if standing still
    4. damage model (you can still hit a wall at 100kph and only destroy a bumper..)
    5. AI still need some work
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  4. Tomas Torasen

    Tomas Torasen

    1. Good physics in some cars
    2. Nordschleife
    3. Mod-ability, possibility to make adjustable and movable apps
    4. Graphics

    1. Sounds top the thumbs down list, although it is quite nice in some cars like the mclaren f1 gtr
    2. FFB feels wierd and rattling while standing still in some cars more than other
    3. Multiplayer UI, looks intimidating to inexerienced people, you need a guide to even understand how to use the search function effectively whereas there should be easy to understand navigation. It should be clear outside and inside a server what the rules are concerning track dynamics, assists allowed, view allowed
    4. not possible to hold clutch and release to engage 1:st gear in race starts, not very sim-ish.
    5. seems alot of bugs really in existing content and form, especially since 1.1 and DLC (replays not working for many in certain situations, timing not working correctly etc)
  5. Radu Oros

    Radu Oros

    Just to make a clarification about ffb rattling.

    This is down to user setting: a combination of too high overall effects in wheel software, too high gain, and too high minimum force, is what causes the (stationary) rattling around the center of the steering wheel. You need a better balance between them. Also adjust gain force in car setup.

    If your steering wheel is so tight and rattles while stationary, I'm pretty sure you get plenty of clipped ffb in corners. Check the 4th bar of pedals for clipping (grey turns into red), is fine just a bit, but too much you lose the info from the ffb.
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