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45 pedal sets compared

Hi all

I currently have a home built hydraulic pedal set which is about 7 years old now. I have a busy job, wife, kids and am fed up with having to keep up the maintenance on the on them in the small amount of time I actually have to race.

Given this I have decided to purchase an off the shelf set to replace them but wanted to make sure I did my research first so started to put together a google sheet containing links to each manufacturer, reviews, price and key component comparisons.

I am posting this for 2 reasons.
1.) I have compiled this from all the information I can find but I have no doubt some of it is incomplete or just wrong and would like people who own these pedal sets to check it over.

2.) Now I have done the work and compiled the list I think it could be a really good resource for the community going forward and save others a lot of work.

The sheet is available HERE, all comments and suggestions welcome although I will say up front adding new columns is not a small task and one that I will need help with.

Current columns included

A: Pedal set names with an embedded link to each manufacturer pedal page
B: Youtube reviews were available
C: Manufacturer
D: base price in pounds
E: Price with optional extras
F: Import duty into the UK
G: Throttle sensor type
H: Throttle pressure adjustability
I: Throttle travel adjustability
J: Throttle angle adjustability
K: Throttle damping availability
L: Throttle damping adjustability
M: Throttle preload adjustability
N: Throttle pads vertical adjustability
O: Throttle pads horizontal adjustability
P: Brake sensor type
Q: Brake pressure adjustability
R: Brake Travel adjustability
S: Brake Angle adjustability
T: Brake Damping available
U: Brake preload adjustability
V: Brake pad gap emulation
W: Brake pedal pads vertical adjustability
X: Brake pedal pads horizontal adjustability
Y: Brake sensor sensitivity adjustability
Z: Clutch sensor type
AA: Clutch pressure adjustability
AB: Clutch travel adjustability
AC Clutch damping availability
AD: Clutch damping adjustability
AE: Clutch angle adjustability
AF: Clutch preload adjustability
AG: clutch pedal pads vertical adjustability
AH: Clutch pedal pads horizontal adjustability
AI: Clutch pressure plate simulation
AJ: Baseplate included
AK: Paper manual included?
AL: Tuning kits included/optional/N/A
AM: Are adjustment tools included
AN: Is a ground cable included
AO: Where the electronics are situated
AP: Is custom software included?

Long sheet link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12Hqn8CJ56W-MwpSpvVDKipXEs9v3s0mmJcWy5BPN6mg/edit#gid=0

Enzo Fazzi

Always sideways
Some notes on the Ultimates and Sprints:

Paper manual: Yes for both
Ground cable; Yes for Ultimate
No for Sprints, but the electronics are grounded and have been certified for electromagnetic compliance (https://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/electrical-engineering/emc-directive_en)

The controller for the Sprints is integrated in the brake pedal.

Brake preload adjustability is yes for both.

And I'm not sure what you mean with " Brake sensor sensitivity adjustability", could you explain?