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Sell 4040 Rig, Fanatec CSW 2.5, P1 Wheel, CS LC Pedals, QHD 144Hz Monitor


I'm selling my whole rig. Circumstances have changed and I Just haven't got the time I envisaged to make full use of it, and I can't justify having it just sitting there. The CSW2.5 is a year old. The rest I only bought this summer so everything is in pretty mint condition. Everything (apart from the rig obviously) has the original boxes.


4040/80 Rig + Chair - £250 - SOLD
Fanatec CS 2.5 Wheelbase - SOLD
Fanatec P1 Wheel (PC/Xbox - Alcantara) - SOLD
Fanatec CSL Elite pedals LC - SOLD
MSI Optix AG32CQ 32" (curved) QHD Monitor (1440p, 144Hz, 1ms etc) - £300 (only bought in August).

I live in Nottingham. You'll need to collect or arrange your own courier for the rig and monitor due to cost/weight.

Further Details


4040/4080 Rig to my own design (Motedis order plus extras upwards of £350). Includes seat (front seat recovered from a Scirocco - bit mucky at first but wet/dry cleaned), but the rails are adjustable to width so you could fit any seat/rails on there. The 40/160 stand for the Wheelbase is complete overkill in terms of stiffness, but the monitor stand extends from there so it works great (see pic 2). Mounting is via 18mm ply so you can just drill for alternative wheelbases if required.

The wheel stand is completely adjustable, and combined with the seat height/distance adjustability you can get any fit you like. The pedals are slightly more limited but still a decent range when combined with the adjustability of the rest of the rig. I'm 6"3 and I have it currently set up to Ricmotech rig fit guidelines. Plenty of spare parts left over if you needed to adjust/add anything. If you need any more info just ask.

IMG_20201116_120825175 copy.jpg

32inch 1440p QHD.


Any questions do ask.

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I've not had any takers for the whole lot together, so I'm now selling separately.

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Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Would quite like the rig but I'm in Plymouth so no chance of driving to you. I guess I could find a car seat down this way if you were prepared to dismantle and post the rig?