3x1 monitor setup problem (FPS KILLER)

3+1 monitor setup problem

i have been running 3x monitors in surround on a GTX590 with no issues and good frame rates. I added a 2nd (seperate) nividia card to run an accessories 19" screen to monitor things. This 19" monitor is running on its off a seperate nvidia card so it should have little to no effect to the triple setup AS PER rFactors done, it's happily working away as per usual with the same frame rates.


now my GSC runs like crap (15-30fps) no idea why

rFactor runs just as fine with no issues, its just GSC that has decided not to work as per usual.

any ideas
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just adding to this even after disabling the 2nd video card running the accessories screen in device manager to see if GSC would resume normal functioning... GSC is still left in a state where FPS make it unplayable :(
installed the latest drivers and all that did was give me horrid shadow problems and artifacting. and still no correct FPS as per pre-4th monitor added.

so i ripped out the 2nd vid card and reinstalled some older drivers and now at least GSCE is running normally again, but i really want the use of a 4th montor... annoying. glad i didnt rush and fork out money for the Z1dashboard software.

is anyone running a 3 +1 monitor setup?


I plugged in a 4th monitor Robbie, all 4 monitors to the same card (Sapphire HD7950 3GB), and I do not get the problems you describe. I have not set it up permanently yet so am unable to test it again at the moment, but I can tell you, I plugged it in (ATI Eyefinity), and set it up as a 3 monitor view plus a 4th screen. I ran GSC in the triple view and put rFactorLive which is a Pit monitor program, in the 4th monitor.
I did of course notice a drop in performance with the 4th monitor running, but it was not very much. Anyway, it was enough to convince me that I will be able to run the 4th monitor once I finish decorating the room and setting my system up again.

I cannot understand why your second card should give problems, maybe GSC gets confused and tries to use the wrong video memory. Sorry I cannot help further but at least you know it is possible.
Hi Keith . Yer that's what I think has happened. As rFactor was absolutely fine. No issues.

Or perhaps nvidia profile got spased out in its profile ??? And after uninstalling and removing the other vid card GSCE was still not 100% so left me thinking its a driver/profile type issue. Perhaps I try again one day, or I may look for something that works over a network and use that software on a 2nd PC as the monitor is now in place centre above my middle triple setup already