3D Positional Soundscape - VR/Headphones


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May 4, 2011
Hi there,

Wondering if there are any sound mods that give the ability for 3D positioning.
When I first started playing AC around 2013/14, using a single monitor, I remember that I could audibly tell the car engine location by using the glance left/right commands. You look left inside a front engine vehicle and the motor would be heard in the right speaker/earcup etc.
At some stage, I don't when, this ability seems to have disappeared.
I understand that simple stereo definitions do work, i.e. curbs, opponents, grass are pronounced on the relative side, but upon moving my head in VR, the sounds are still only played through the default side. As far as cockpit sounds are concerned, such as the engine, horn, or locked tyres, they always play through both channels.
I re-tested this last night. If I drove over a curb or on grass on the left side of the car, the sound would play through the left channel, as it should. But if I looked towards the rear of the car whilst doing so, the sound still plays through the left earcup, when the source is coming from the right side of my perspective. Even in third person view, the sound of the engine, horn, or locked tyres still plays through both channels.
What I am looking for is a setting or mod that isolates the position of these elements, so if I move my head in any direction, the sound will remain in a relative position within the soundscape. My experience currently is that the engine location is not discernible, it is just flooded equally into both channels.
I have spent lots of time searching on the internet for an answer to my question but I have not come across anything so far. I may very well have been searching the wrong keywords or phrases, I'm not sure, so please forgive my ignorance. I hope this makes sense ;s

I drive for immersion, not for competition. I just play for the enjoyment and relaxation. I do not drive with other vehicles on track, just myself.
I spend a lot of time on tracks like LAC, in an effort of simulation.