EU 397 Porsche Cup @ Suzuka - Night - Saturday 09 Nov 2019

Tero Dahlberg
Jan 30, 2007
Yeah the limited setup options combined with the nature of Porsche means that almost every change you can make has an equal opposite effect once you're past the apex. And vice versa ofc. So if you want more stable corner entry you will have to deal with less stable car on corner exit.

I think these are some of the reasons why Porsche Cup is such a popular car/series around the world.
lol, forgot the actual point :D Which is that changing the setup is almost solely for balance/driveability. Much more of a clear cut compromise of entry and exit characteristics rather than an overall gain or loss. Maybe min rear wing at Monza for example could be a clear gain. But on most tracks I would imagine it's more of a balance/driveability adjustment also. And a race itself is also a balancing act against the cars worsening driveability. Front getting lighter as fuel gets lower -> entry oversteer, and rear tyres wearing out faster -> oversteer just in general. So you can set the car to have "too much" understeer to begin with and it should be nicer to drive mid- or late in the race.
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