EU 397 GT3 @ Bathurst - Friday 06 Dec 2019

Juan Roguez

Mar 27, 2010
Thanks Juan. I hung in there and finished 10th. Well done to the podiums and terrible bad luck for you Craig. I was right behind you and had to swerve hard to avoid the pile up myself.
although I had not had any incidents, I could not climb more than the third place, since they were very very strong:cry:, congratulations to finish;):thumbsup:, that many give the coward esc key:whistling:
thank you
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Jul 28, 2017
oh dear oh dear ..4 + hours of practice and out in the second corner ...someone had spun and several cars hit him including me, I needed reverse gear..pushed the button for reverse the right button on second attempt, started to drive again..sim told me that my headlights were on...instead of turning of my headlights off, I went into reverse gear at 80mph..ouch, yes a huge ouch, I blew my engine :( ..practice 4 hrs race 3 minutes :(

I hope I have better luck at this track tomorrow with the V8s

Congrads to the podiums :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: and congrads to the drivers that managed to finish :thumbsup:

Hope to see some off you in tomorrow's event at Bathurst :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear that, Craig :(
Well, my race already ended in the chaos of the last corner of the formation lap. Couldn't find my key for reserve gear so I had to quit =(
Seems like rF2 and me won't be any friends..
Congrats to the podiums and thanks for hosting :)

Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
May 25, 2009
I had an enjoyable evening, starting off the race with fighting @GEO147 for many laps. I even had a couple of moves where George kept holding his line and came back past me before the next corner. Excellent display of defensive driving! At one point he did spin on the top of the mountain, and I could get past and try to climb further up.
Tried to catch up to the pair ahead of me, and did so when they were exchanging positions, but when they had changed positions they both pulled away from me again, leaving me voulnerable to @Gasper Zupan who came charging up through the field again.

In the end I finished 8th from starting 19th-ish, so all in all a good race for me :)


Feb 22, 2018
Thanks all for the great racing :) Bit weird I got that rolling lap penalty for rolling down the hill but oh well :p Think I defo overfuelled and possibly put the wrong tires on before the start too :(

Funilly enough my wheel came off my desk and damaged my car at the corkscrew. Defo gonna invest in a proper rig setup once I graduate from uni haha

Thanks Craig for hosting the race though and thanks all for the nice clean racing too