30fps with a 1080: Is it ok?(triple screen)

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    I tried an offline race with 20 Radicals at Palm Springs and, at some point I got under 30fps, specially right after the start. I have a 1080 and I dont have this kind of low performance on other sims, like Assetto and iRacing.

    I even tried to turn off a lot of graphic options (I have nothing set at "full"), but the low fps is continue. And this changes seems to have no effect at all.

    is that ok?
  2. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen

    If you limit visible cars! You should be able to use full graphic settings. AA level max, tripple screens, multiview. And keep fps above 60fps with a gtx 1080.

    Also clear your shader cashe if you change graphic settings a lot.

    In DX11: post effects can be heavy on cpu... choose wise.
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  3. Highlandwalker


    GRAB_136.JPG You could try changing the Use Thread from false to true in the controller.JSON.
    Made a huge difference for me. It stopped all stuttering and it gave me a big performance increase. I can run 55 AI cars at La Grande track at 60FPS and all cars visible.
    I've capped FPS at 60 so it might be higher than indicated. I have found the biggest killer of FPS is the shadows setting.
    I have over 2000hrs on rfactor2. I have tried a lot of suggests for performance increase, this one has made the biggest difference. My graphics card is quite old now.
    My system:
    Windows 10-64
    Intel I7 3.5
    8 Gig mem
    NVidia 460GTX 1gig
    1 Screen 1920x1200
    Your graphic card should give even better performance.
    Found this suggestion on another forum.
    Hope this is helpful. Pass it on if it works.
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