30 reasons why sim racing is bloody awesome!

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    RDTCC S9 Division 1.jpg
    AlexSchmurtz made this awesome spotterguide for the 30 top drivers that will be our virtual stars in tonight's RDTCC live broadcast, that kicks off at 18:45 GMT (19:45 BST / 20:45 CET)!

    Sixty of the best sim racers, that survived the pre-qualification, spread across two divisions will battle around the highly challenging Brazilian circuit, Cascavel, and you will get to see every action-packed and breath-taking moment as both races of division one will be streamed live on Twitch TV to a PC or mobile device near you!

    Be sure to visit the popular RaceDepartment Livestream Chatbox and comment on the race with tons of other like-minded members as the race unfolds before your eyes.
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