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3 niggles

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by poet, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. poet


    There's much to like with R3e, but I have 3 niggles I'd love to see actioned or at least acknowledged as being looked at.

    1. Colourblind unfriendly colour choices.
    Red and Green colourblindness is the most common type (8% of men affected).
    The corner markers - especially the green and orange ones are almost impossible for me to differentiate, unless I stare intently at them, at which point eyes are off the road and the corner is FUBAR anyway. :(
    I use the markers when learning new tracks/cars.
    Please could you look at using more vibrant or easily differentiated colours for us poor colour less-abled people. :)

    2. Custom difficulty please.
    I'd like to pick and choose my own aids please.
    I will happily accept that any times won't go on any leaderboards etc, nor apply to competitions. Again, when testing tracks, I like to turn on autogears while I'm learning, but don't want all the other "novice" aids on.

    3. Rubber build up in braking zones.
    Is almost impossible to see on all the tracks I've tried (free and ADAC content).
    Oddly, you can see the build-up for off-track sections (like the entrance to the sprint version of Nurbs when you're on the GP version) but not any of it when approaching a corner.
    Not sure if it's just missing, or the angle in cockpit view means the sunglare on the track is too strong to see it.
    But it's something that drives me nuts every corner, and I'd love to see this improved.

    Thanks for your time. :)
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  2. Msportdan


    1) shadows need optimising, specially with split on
    2) long load times for SP
    3)Tyre wear indicator and temps

    3a) fov in the civic seems really weird?
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  3. Frank Lehmann

    Frank Lehmann
    ... usually known as Ernie Premium

    AFAIK you can turn on automatic transmission even in GetReal mode. So it should be switchable in every difficulty mode. There is also a F-key for it, to switch it right in the cockpit. But i don't know which it was.
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  4. poet


    Sweet, thanks for the heads up, will check that out.