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2h WEC @ Nürburgring 24h - Saturday 31st January 2015

So I came down from 9.26 - 9.30 lap times to 9.24, 9.23 and last lap a 9.20 !
For Richard this seems slow , but for me it was unbelievable !
It's a pity , now I know how it could be, the race is over .

Hihi, i started in beginning of the week also with a first lap of 9:36.. It takes some time to go quicker indeed, i did also a PB in the race in the dark :) For you its the same story :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Also forgot to mention server and game performed flawless for me,not a hint of lag at all.

The server held it's own admirably.

That was indeed a big concern!

Advancing to quali, warm up and race took a bit longer as normal to sync everybody. But i think there were no DC's and everybody ended up on the grid! :thumbsup:

Race starts can be a problem too, when everybody is packed together. I was at the back of the grid and i didn't saw any cars disappearing or suddenly appearing. :thumbsup:
The crash at the start was unfortunate. But in my replay i couldn't find any abnormal moves or super weird collisions. :thumbsup:

I must admit: @Marco Bijl : New server machine! Money well spend! :cool:
Finally had time to filter out the non premium members. In total 20 non premium members took part. The rules were, that there will be a giveaway of 1 month per car. As we had 6 cars in the race, but the non premium dirvers only drove 4 of them the two cars with the most drivers in them will get 2 memberships.

I will post the list first and then generate one or two random numbers per car:

1 Lars Brugman
2 Eric Stranne
3 Stefan Erxi
4 Andre Gaida
5 James Maskell
6 Jonas Steffens
7 Matt Richards
8 Mike Bell
9 Oscar Hardwick

1 Patrik Saxen
2 Tomaz Selcan
3 Josh Hoare
4 Steve Combey
5 David Gronvalls
6 Peter Helmbro

1 Marsal Bonet
2 Paul Hurlow
3 Damian Baldi

1 Richard Blokker
2 Erwin Levasier