2h WEC @ Bahrain International Circuit - Sat 12th July 2014

Daiman Patel

rFactor 2 Technical Assistant

Event Details:
Track: Bahrain v1.0 (Download)
Car: Lola (Download, Template), URD EGT (PayMod) (Buy)
Pace Car: RD VWEC PaceCar (Download)
Mod: Download here or via the server

You will have the following cars to choose from:
  • Lola B12/60 Rebellion Racing 2013
  • All URD EGT cars
Customs skins
Skin sharing will be enabled
[If you perform driver swaps, remember this bug]

Weather: Sunny
Road condition: Rubber on track were possible
Tyre wear: Normal
Fuel use: 1x
Mechanical failure: Time scaled
Blue flag penalties: Off

Traction control:
Auto-clutch: Allowed

Race - Saturday, 12th July 2014
14:30 GMT
Qualifying: 15:15 GMT - open session (single driver - quickest lap used) [no Parc Fermé]
Warm up: 15:45 GMT - 15 minutes
Race: 16:00 GMT - starting procedure + 120 minutes [formation + rolling start]

Server password: click here
Racing rules: click here

Driver/Team notes:
  • Each car can have 1-4 drivers (Driver Swap Tutorial)
  • Premium members get priority when signing up
  • Cars with multiple drivers get priority over cars with a single driver
  • The ratio of GTE to LMP1 will be 2:1 (minimum of 10 LMP1 cars)
  • Drivers/teams with known racing experience will get priority to race in LMP1
  • LMPs must have their headlights on at all times (additional flashing is encouraged)
  • Blue flag: Signals a faster car is behind you. Caution is required, but moving over is not.
  • The faster car is expected to look for a sensible passing opportunity. They are responsible for initiating a safe pass. Straights are preferred over corners. Corner exits are preferred over corner entries.
  • Slower cars are expected to keep to their racing line and cooperate with safe passes. Moving out of the way is not advised, as it leads to unpredictable situations.
  • Faster cars may flash their headlights to indicate that they are about to make a pass.
  • Patience is key!
Race information:
  • Remember to test pit-stops and driver swaps (Driver Swap Tutorial)
  • Ensure that all drivers in the team have driven some laps in traffic, and different track conditions
  • Whilst not racing or preparing for a driver swap, drivers are not permitted to be on the server; timing software will be provided so that team members are able to monitor the race
  • Presence on TS is not mandatory, but is recommended in case communication with drivers or teams is required
Start procedure:
  • Manual formation lap (single file) + rolling start
  • Game is set to standing start => clock will already be ticking when we do the formation lap
  • The speed of the formation lap will be dictated by the pace car
  • When the pace car pulls in the leader will dictate the pace
  • No overtaking before the start/finish line
  • Note: The pace car will slow down on the final straight before the pit straight (map will be provided soon), so everyone has a chance to close up on the pack - no need to drive too close to other cars before that section!

How to sign up:
  • State which class you want to race in, and name all drivers for your car
  • You can always add or remove drivers to your car later on
  • Your final line-up should be clear 24 hours ahead of the event
Sign up list:

  1. Frederic Schornstein
  2. James Maskell
  3. David O'Reilly
  4. Stefan Woudenberg
  5. Rolf Just
  6. Simon Christmann
  7. Dino Paolini
  8. Richard Hill
  9. Driver(s)
  10. Driver(s)
Reserve List (LMP1):
  • Driver(s)
  • Driver(s)
  • Driver(s)
  • Driver(s)
  1. RedShift Racing: Ricardo Edelmann
  2. RedShift Racing: Dennis Coufal
  3. RedShift Racing: Yuri Kasdorp
  4. Stefan Erxmeyer
  5. Gijs van Elderen*
  6. Phil Shillitoe
  7. Genci Estebanez
  8. Frank van Oeveren
  9. Kevin Cox
  10. Miroslav Davidovic
  11. Sar9e Lama Racing: Teddy Buch, Xavier Poirel
  12. Bjorn de Hass
  13. Jakub Charkot
  14. Andres Redondo
  15. Joao Fernandes
  16. Claes Axelsson
  17. Liam Fassam
  18. Daniel Hake
  19. Stefan Kanitz
  20. Aleksi Kivela
  21. Morne du Plooy
  22. Matt Horst
  23. Mikael Gustafsson
  24. April Dillon
  25. Nicolae Marius
  26. Daniel Faber
  27. Driver(s)
  28. Driver(s)
  29. Driver(s)
  30. Driver(s)
Check the time for this event*
Local time:
Click here
Countdown: Click here

* time when the event (practice session) starts

Note: Please sign out well in time (at least 1 hour before the practise session begins) if you're unable to make the race. Thanks! :)

SERVER IS UP - Build 770!

Start procedure added


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Daiman Patel

rFactor 2 Technical Assistant
You made my day :)
I would like, if we could get rid of ABS especially in the LMP1 cars, but anyway I am in with a Lola.
I think I will drive this one alone as I want to test driving it 2 hours straight.


RedShift Racing
ABS is off now :thumbsup:

@Rolf Just The Lola and the R18 don't have similiar pace, so we would effectively end up with 3 different classes, which might spread the field a little too much.