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24 (or 12/6) hour race recommendation for novices/slower drivers

Me and a few team mates are hoping to tackle some 24 (or 12/6) hour races this year on rFactor2 (or ACC).

All the races I have found seem to be hosted by bigger organisations and aimed at faster more serious teams - is anyone able to recommend any upcoming races that will be more suited to more novice teams where we can enjoy the experience of a 24 hour race without the worry of constantly being in the way or driving alone by ourselves at the back?
That is a great idea, but just remember, in a 24hr, or even 12 & 6 hr races, you are rarely ever alone. But finding someone to race against would create a huge increase in enjoyment. One of the items they are trying to figure out in the Competition System is getting similar drivers together for multiple iterations of the same race. Of course, they are no-where near setting up an extended test for that type of event yet.