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2021 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix | Discussion Thread


Modular Mods Creator
Verstappen really should've let him through after the curves, not before. But ey, most people here were right with their guess of 1, 2 and 3 ...

I would've loved to see the fight for Pos 9.

Nick Hill

Great race but, ultimately, a HAM-VER-BOT podium. Hopefully we can see that combo shuffled a bit throughout the year, but I consider it a bad omen.

Jan Larsen

So what did that teach us?

- Hamilton/Verstappen battle for most of the year probably, depending on development prowess.
- Redbull squandered that win
- Ferrari way off still
- Perez ok'ish
- Vettel his usual self in fights...
- Haas beyond crap
- Mazespun even more beyond crap