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2021 F1 Canadian Grand prix has been cancelled

It's official: F1-Canadian-Grand-Prix-Cancelled.

In the French speaking media, I read that the event could have been presented but the promoter backed out. Without the revenue from people in the stands and, all the indirect revenue that this generates, they simply could not do it without incurring a deficit.

Also, F1 has agreed to extend the current deal that was originally supposed to end in 2029 thru 2031 instead. So, the two years lost will be regained at the end of the current deal.
That's unfortunate to hear, I really hope Interlagos doesn't get cancelled as well. From what I hear things aren't looking good there either.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
I think it's a good shout to cancel it when the authorities think this ongoing covid crisis doesn't allow any large events.
Yes that is certainly the responsible and sensible approach. I think we are going to see a lot of variance from track to track. F1 is unique in it's extreme geographic coverage. With that said local governments and health care systems are certainly not created equal in every location. Hopefully everyone stays as safe as possible.


Sad to hear, I was looking forward to the race even if we couldn't attend. Montreal is a great city and the race is a good time (attended 2012 -2019). At least they are continuing the contract. Hoping things are better for next year.
Maybe we can put drivers on sim rigs and they can do like e sports for the races they cant physically go to and still have points. Use a warehouse or a Garage at say Silverstone to set it up.
On the heels of this announcement, the Canadian GP's promoter sold his business to Bell Canada, one of the country's two telecom giants. His entire team stays in place unchanged for now, and he remains at the head of this branch.

This is pretty big news, as Bell is the owner of TSN and RDS, the Canadian equivalents to ESPN. Therefore, I suppose we'll see a whole lot more F1 coverage across Canada rather than mostly in Québec, notably through Bell's broadcasting arm.

For American fans, think about the ramifications of ESPN becoming the promoter of the Miami and COTA GPs.