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Who was you Styrian Grand Prix Driver of the Day?

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2020 Styrian Grand Prix | Driver Of The Day: Vote Now

Voting is open for the first ever Styrian Grand Prix Driver of the Day - get your votes in now!

So, Formula One visited the same circuit for the second week in succession for the very first time this weekend, and despite initial fears of another copy & paste event, the 2020 Styrian Grand Prix did a remarkable job of producing another exceptional motor race at the Red Bull owned circuit.

Following a soaking wet qualification session, and a bit of an unusual starting grid, many expected round two of the delayed Formula One season to be a good one - and it delivered once again.

Of all the drivers out on track today, who do you think deserves to be awarded the RaceDepartment 'Driver of the Day'?

Let us know your vote in the poll at the head of this article, and in the comments section below!

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Jan 12, 2018
Daniel Ric obviously the best. He deserved the 5th place. Too bad he keeps being screwed by is own team. Half of the race in soft tires??? When he had done a fantastic job with mediums and everyone else kept that compound...he really deserves a winning car already.


Mar 2, 2010
Lando Norris, just ahead of Perez. Sainz should have been higher in the standings but that bad pitstop ruined things for him.

For once, it was Leclerc who managed to ruin Ferrari’s race this week. How will Ferrari manage to mess things up next week? Stay tuned...

Appie Kuipers

Jun 8, 2007
Driver of the day, not car of the day :rolleyes:

Or were you just getting your excuse in for the reason your 'wonderkid' was over half a minute behind ;)
So you are back:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:, and this, you think it’s the driver, it’s MERC.
You know the diff between 2 or 3 pitsstop? Seems not.
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Jan 12, 2018
Daniel was the only one that had to fight throughout the entire race, loosing the battle only on the last lap due to stupid Renault tire choice. Easy 5th or even 4th place today given away by Renault.
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Nov 17, 2009
I'm going with Norris. It would have been Perez, but he ruined his race by being a little impatient and hitting Albon. If he would have been able to pass Albon cleanly, and finish fourth, or just finished 5th behind Albon, then it would have been Perez by a mile.

Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
It was a very close choice between Perez and Lando today - I gave my vote to Lando on the basis of the strength of that last lap, which I thought was brilliant.

There are a surprising number of Stroll apologists around but, geez, he is a really clumsy racer. He can set laptimes that are good enough to stay with everyone, but his racecraft I think is pretty horrendous.
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