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2020 Formula One Turkish Grand Prix | Driver of the Day: Vote Now

Voting has opened for the RaceDepartment Turkish Grand Prix 'Driver of the Day'.

What a great weekend we have been treated to on F1's return to Turkey. After Lance Stroll took a surprise pole in tricky wet conditions, continued rain through the night and into the morning set us up for a hectic race, and what a chaotic Grand Prix it was!

The low grip surface, plus the added challenge of rain made for an exciting Sunday, as conditions proved too much for some to handle, with a couple of drivers seeing barriers on their way to the grid. The track dried out - albeit very slowly - as the race went on, keeping everyone on their toes from start to finish.

Choosing a driver of the day is no easy task this weekend, with plenty showing immense consistency in challenging conditions. One driver scored their first podium in over a year, while another scored their first in over two! A few shone amidst midfield chaos too, giving us plenty of candidates to choose from.

Give us your opinion, don't forget to cast your vote, and we hope you enjoyed a spectacular return to Turkey!

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Charlie Lockwood

RaceDepartment Writer
Feb 22, 2016
Today my vote has to go to Sebastian Vettel.

I think Perez and Hamilton drove very well, and benefited from being on the best strategy today.

In a less competitive car, Vettel stood out for me though, particularly in the early stages when he kept Hamilton behind, even when the Brit had DRS assistance. He kept his cool in the final few corners too.
For me this is the best Vettel drive since his Red Bull days.


Dec 19, 2018
I wanted to sum up my reasons for voting for Vettel (for once), but Charlie just above summed it all up pretty well himself. ^

Edit: Apart from the last sentence - I think he was actually outstandingly good from 2015 to 2017, but just went over the ah-so-close limit (when you're that good) with increasing frequency from Singapore 2017 onwards. I mean, he almost won 2017 with a car that was still a little weaker than Mercedes. (And, to illustrate his fall from grace, lost 2018 with one that was clearly stronger.)
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Charlie Lockwood

RaceDepartment Writer
Feb 22, 2016
I wanted to sum up my reasons for voting for Vettel (for once)
For once sums it up well - It felt like a very unnatural thing to do, I couldn't quite believe what I was writing. :roflmao:
Happy for him though, he's a likeable guy and I'm glad he was able to see out his Ferrari career in style.
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Being 2nd is to be the 1st of the ones who lose.
Feb 9, 2015
"To whom it may concern.."
The guy is just making it impossible to appreciate Hamilton's wins.


Nov 1, 2016
I don't think I've ever explained my driver of the day vote before...Perez did well and seeing Vettel pass Leclerc on the final corners was unexpected to say the least. Lance was also doing quite well keeping cool, but bad strategy and a little cracking under the pressure lost him the positions. However DOTD is Lewis.

You can't look at FP 1,2,3 and Q1,2 and 3 and say Merc was the best car this weekend, that was clearly Red Bull and Racing Point. Lewis was barely looking competitive throughout the weekend...but when it counts, he delivered, and he won. Not because of "is that Glock?", or that Rosberg "sucks" (he doesn't, but it's a shame he left after 1 WDC)...but because he drove his behind off and overcame the odds, like he has been doing since karting.

He is 7 time world champion for that reason, he's in that car for a reason, same reason Fangio and all the other greats were in the great cars of the past: because he's a bloody genius behind the wheel. End of, no if ands or buts.


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Oct 14, 2012
Turkish GP what a weekend what a race!

14 years ago on this track Vettel made history by taking the headlines after topping the time sheets in a BMW Sauber in his only second outing in what were a much more nervous and tougher cars to drive, at the age of 16. He impressed a lot that day and he did the same today. Today he proved he never forgot how to drive and still has that champion material and certainly it's not his fault for all that happens this season. For me easily the driver of the day! It's not a coincidence that in the first rainy race, he scored the best result by a mile in his appalling season and last with Ferrari.

And I cannot exclude Hamilton in this one, nobody expected him to be where he was. Whether he had great strategy or whatever, he made it work. Great drive!

It was very fitting in the end. Hamilton wins his 7th and equals Schumacher. Vettel wins 3rd in rainy race to get on the podium to be part of it as if he was passing the baton from Schumacher himself, proving that when conditions level the field he is among the most skilled drivers while the end with Ferrari is nearing. This is a picture of the end of a rivalry, at least in these colors.

I say this as a fan of Schumacher who grew up with him since 98 and expected Vettel to repeat the feat as his successor. It pains me a lot to see Hamilton breaking all records but, Congratulations!

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Dec 6, 2013
Certainly an interesting race weekend. When the unexpected happens, I find it more interesting to delve into what the reasons for it may be, instead of going onto social media with “look at him school them all on a slidey track!1” as soon as a mid-field driver goes 4 seconds quicker than everyone in Q. A moments research reveals that some cars get heat into the tyres much quicker than others, at the expense of durability. A year or two back, one team in particular really struggled with overheating tyres compared to the others so they worked on fixing it; very complicated to get the balance right.

Obviously very difficult conditions out there judging by the number of spin and lock-ups by great drivers, so a number of commendable performances.

Driver of today : all the top three did exceptionally well.
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Kimmo Kokkonen

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Apr 25, 2009
This seemed amusing, why was Vettel standing on the wrong side, he was only third today? Is it politics or just normal in Turkey GP?

Is it for Ferrari history book, looks like Ferrari was second, or is it just F1 politics? They changed the order of the flags very fast, looks stupid.

I can remember similar case happened for Ferrari Team a couple of years ago, then Kimi was second and Vettel was third but it looked the opposite, not in the Podium but at a press conference or elsewhere :)
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Terry Rock

Oct 24, 2009
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