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2020 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix | Driver of the Day: Vote Now

Voting is open for the RaceDepartment Bahrain Grand Prix 'Driver of the Day'.

An opening lap like the one we witnessed today in Bahrain will always put things into perspective. It is worth taking a moment to be thankful for the leaps made in safety, as well as for the procedures and people in place that make Formula One as safe as it can be.

When the race got back underway, we saw some strong performances from drivers up and down the grid. There was an impressive display of overtaking ability from certain drivers, including one who managed to rise 10 places in today's race.

Others managed to demonstrate real consistency in a race where tyre degradation was very high, taking advantage of reliability problems suffered by others. This saw one driver score their second career podium, while another secured their best result since the opening race of the year.

Let us know who you thought starred in today's race, and join us in wishing a swift recovery to Romain Grosjean.



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Charlie Lockwood

RaceDepartment Writer
I think that the medical team on track deserve a mention too, being so quick onto the scene, and Dr. Ian Roberts for being immediately at the guard rail to help Romain over the barrier and provide care. The design of the cars and the procedures in place are needs, but we're also very fortunate that we can rely on the bravery of the people looking out for the drivers.

Most impressive performance today for me was that of Carlos Sainz. He did a very impressive job climbing from 15th to 5th, and even managed to catch Norris towards the end of the second stint. Had he been more fortuitous with strategy I suspect he'd have had the pace to beat him too.

I do hope that Grosjean is able to make a return this year, and have no doubt he'll be fighting hard to get back into a race car as soon as possible.
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Imagine Daniil Kvyat would have went to have same accident instead of Grosjean as he cut him in worst racecraft fashion. Grosjean is so lucky today, not only that he escaped the fire, was not decapitated, not even a fracture, but also that he himself was there, and not Kvyat.

Things has kind of evened out for Grosjean. If after this accident he will still be unable to race properly, then he should quit.

Grosjean is surely star of the day, it is just thrilling and amazing how lucky he was and it is so outstanding that such accident even happened in modern F1. But he is worst driver of the day, no doubt about that.
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I hope his family sit him down for an honest chat.
He has ridden his luck and clearly lacks a basic degree of situational awareness. Some of his decision making leading to accidents is mind-boggling , deciding it was a good idea to try to cross the track whilst the remaining cars are passing when trying to recover a spin for instance!
Thank goodness there was a spectacular crash with nobody seriously hurt. Without this, the race had relatively low entertainment value.