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2020 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix | Discussion Thread

Albon's 4th on the grid but less than 2 tenth on Gasly. He's not driving the Red Bull anywhere near to its potential.
When Albon is high on the grid it means the car is working well..... Am hoping Perez wins the race though... Missing 2 races this year and still 4th in the standings he's done a good job this year.
I find it funny that Sky always manages to show Hamilton vs Verstappen lap differences. on screen - why? It's like they are so determined to pit these two drivers against one another. The way that they approach a race, or a lap for that matter is nothing alike.
Paying the drivers those salaries is a drop in the bucket for what most teams make, both financially and from global exposure, not to mention boosting the big money machine that is F1. Pay them what they're worth. Some people get paid tons more for just sitting in a chair and/or and having a famous name. What they decide to do with that money afterwards is their own business.

I think you have an oversimplified understanding of motorsport. Motorsport in general is a big money waste for everyone involved with the exception of a few lucky ones like top to good F1 drivers.

However, in 2019 Merc F1 had reported a profit of 40 mil, benefiting a lot from winning the constructor's and driver's championship. If I assume running costs of 2019 are the same for 2021 and they also win both again. Then an increase of Lewis' salary by 60 mil will result in a 20 mil net loss for Merc F1. Let's see how that story develops. That salary increase is a little unusual at times where F1 teams income are somewhat reduced by COVID. Remember, the budget cap was propelled forward because of the current dire financial situation.

Personally I think it's good for Lewis (and everyone else) to earn a lot, but from a business perspective it doesn't make sense. All F1 alternative seats are filled and some good drivers are on the market + COVID. I would have totally low balled here as Merc F1 CEO.
If it didn't make sense business-wise, Mercedes would pay it. Those guys are businessmen, not blind F1 fans or tycoons using a team as a fancy way to spend their money. Hamilton is bringing them a huge plus in terms of brand image: excellence, performance, consistency, reliability, diversity, you name it.

Re the salary cap, as Hamilton said: it is not his problem, he will be retired by then. It's Verstappen, Leclerc or other young stars who will suffer from it. I think it is a very stupid move by F1 teams because the best drivers will always be in the best teams. Therefore the only teams who will save some cash thanks to the cap are the big ones. It won't level the grid at all.
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