2020 Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | Discussion Thread


Quite a bit, but in the WSK, BSB and isle of mann TT they have superstocks which in many cases uses the same engines as the road bikes.

Another thing is to see how close the MotoGP riders are in times, sometimes, many times, the last lap looks like the first lap as there will be a group of 5,8,10 riders in with a shot...
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Both of the superbike championships are conducted on tuned versions of publicly available bikes whereas MotoGP are purpose built. Currently they all use similar engine configurations (size/stroke/cylinders etc..), but this has not always been the case. BMW have not been on the scene long since they didn't really have a suitable model until they released the S1000RR, so I guess they don't have much appetite for a completely bespoke model to compete in MotoGP.

The MotoGP bikes are slightly quicker, but not by much, I think 2-3 seconds is usually quoted. The main difference is the race format as the superbike events are usually conducted with 2 or 3 races over the weekend.

Finally, the WSBK and MotoGP are conducted on tracks all over the world, but the BSB is mostly confined to British tracks with the odd one at a neighbouring country.

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