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Who do you think will win the Austrian Grand Prix

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2020 F1 Austrian Grand Prix | Discussion Thread

Welcome to the central discussion thread for the season opening Austrian Grand Prix.
  • F1 finally restarts 8 months after last race in Abu Dhabi
  • FP1 begins 13:10 UTC
Yes, that isn't a spelling mistake, Austria rather that Australia opens the Grand Prix racing season this weekend after one of the longest breaks between races in the history of the sport, and the excitement couldn't be higher amongst fans and insiders alike.

With pre-season testing now but a distant memory, the last few weeks and months of self isolation are starting to become a thing of the past, as Formula One racing looks set to finally hit the headlines once again on Friday morning for the opening practice of the Austrian Grand Prix - the first of two races at the Red Bull owned venue.

Car upgrades, race rusty drivers, outgoing Ferrari drivers, youngsters with a point to prove - racing is back!

Enjoy watching and discuss away!

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Sasha Jednak

Sasa Jednak
Mar 27, 2011
After P1 and P2, situation looks unexpected... :roflmao: Now it's fans turn with: "Ferrari turns up on Saturday, they sandbag on Friday". Then Wolf with "we pushed 100% to test new engine, we don't have more pace and others are keeping their cards". And then back to reality, congrats on title. :D

P.S. As always, hoping to eat my words after Sunday and fantastic race. :thumbsup:

Salvatore Sirignano

Nov 21, 2008
Well it looks like Mercedes have a competitive car, which means another title for Hamilton! Might as well end the season here. :roflmao:


Oct 15, 2010
Due to Covid 19 there's been a shortage of Sandbags.

Love to see Racing point move up the grid while everyone complains about their car.
so far it's looking good.
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Apr 27, 2020
I hope I'm mistaken but it looks like Mercedes has the 2 best cars in the grid, the 2020 black Mercedes and the 2019 pink Mercedes. Looks like another season of "who's going to be third"... or 5th depending on how the pink Mercedes evolves!