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2019 Haas F1 Breaks Cover

Rich Energy Haas F1 2019 2.jpg

Haas Formula One have revealed their 2019 Grand Prix challenger - showing off a dramatic change in image for the coming season.

Marking a significant shift in livery thanks to the new Rich Energy title sponsorship, Haas F1 will be evoking memories of the famous John Player Special Lotus cars of the 1970's with their striking new black and gold design for the coming season - ahead of what the team expect to be a year where the young American squad can challenge the like of Red Bull and Renault on a regular basis.

With Hass revealing the 2019 colour scheme during an event at the famous Royal Automobile Club (RAC) on Pall Mall in London, the team have also become the first squad to show their 2019 Formula One car, simultaneously revealing online renders of the new machine wrapped in it's new Rich Energy livery via social media and the teams own website.

Team principal Guenther Steiner commented;

“It’s important that we keep progressing as a team, and this season is no different. Our partnership with Rich Energy is another positive example of moving forward as an organization. We’re pleased to see their colours on the VF-19, we welcome them as they join our valued partner group in utilizing Formula One as a global marketing platform. While 2018 delivered our best season to-date, the year showed, sometimes sharply, that we still have areas to improve on as a team. On-track, our push for performance started early with the VF-19, our next step is to get to Spain and utilize our time there wisely to prepare for Australia.”
With the team about to embark on their fourth season in the top flight, and retaining driver pairing Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, the squad feel that the year ahead could well be the most competitive for the outfit to date, with the challenge of regularly racing at the forefront of the midfield the very least of the targets for the ambitious American racing outfit.

Rich Energy Haas F1 2019 1.jpg
Rich Energy Haas F1 2019 4.jpg
Rich Energy Haas F1 2019 5.jpg

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Feb 13, 2016
Car looks good... Haas are amazing.. Grosjean and Magnussen are the best drivers on the grid and rarely make any mistakes...
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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Original poster
Jun 5, 2009
I think they've missed a trick with this livery... black and gold is mega cool, and this just looks a bit... meh.

Ok so it is much, much, much better than previous colour schemes from the team, but I'm just a little bit disappointed they didn't knock it out the park with this one. Oh well, looking forward to seeing it on track and seeing what happens with it then.

Also, big Grosjean fan, so hopefully he can deliver on what I think is a massive talent and do some good this year. That man deserves a win or three before its all over..


Oct 23, 2018
It is a major embarrassment. Its like they spent $300 and 2 hours on the vinyl cutting machine. Even a black and white American flag? Thats not even a livery, its lazy vinyl placement.


Apr 27, 2013
I would keep all the logos in Golden HAAS etc. and a few highlights are missing!
Full black and gold would have been much nicer I thought as well when I 1st looked this afternoon :)


Mar 2, 2010
I think they've missed a trick with this livery... black and gold is mega cool, and this just looks a bit... meh..
I like it, but I agree with you that it could have been more spectacular. There's too much black and the shade of gold is too dark. Still, it's better than the boring Haas livery.

The old Lotus JPS livery was so much better...

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Jul 10, 2018
I think it's well done, tastefully understated.
My only complaint is that the national colors need to be, well, in national colors. The plain b/w flag just looks thoughtless.

Nick Gregory

Forever a backmarker
Nov 27, 2015
I think the title needs a little update. It's not the 2019 car, but the 2019 livery.


Oct 11, 2015
Good idea poorly executed.
And this: "utilizing Formula One as a global marketing platform."
Sums up the the whole farce.