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2019 Alfa Romeo F1 Steering Wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by BloodySalmonMan, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. BloodySalmonMan


    Hi guys. As some people requested, I decided to design 2019 Alffa Romeo F1 wheel.
    Here is the render of the wheel. In case you're interested, please contact me for further details.

    Complete wheel: €1040
    Data for DIY: €35 (Will upload on Pinshape soon)

    website: www.taichisteering.com
    Email: taichisteering@gmail.com
    Instagram: taichisimracing


    - Aluminium base plates with carbon vinyl (front and back)
    - 3D printed miscellaneous parts. (surface will be sanded for smooth finish then hydro paint carbon pattern)
    - 70mm or 50.8mm bolt pattern
    - LeoBodnar electronic board
    - 14 push switches
    - 3 rotary encoders
    - 2 thumb rotary encoders
    - a pair of paddle shifters
    - Single analogue paddle clutch
    - USBD480 display (Simhub, Z1 compatible)
    - LEDs (connected via Simhub)
    - Suede or leather wrapped grips
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