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chianamik submitted a new resource:

2015 Video - Short Video for all 2015 Mod Version

New "Attract.bik" video file
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...short 2015 video season for all 2015 MOD (F1 2014 game)

My personal opinion:

Ufortunately is impossible to work(MOD) on the new version of F1 2015. if not discovering change of the NEW GAME, we will have to keep the future changes with the game of 2014. then we will work here to a 2016 season.

Open RAR file and copy in the...
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Graham Laing

Retired Staff
This mod contains an extract of the official F1 2015 bik video released with the F1 2015 game.

It is Codemasters copyrighted material, and cannot be used within F1 2014, so it has been removed
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