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2015 Team Performances Mod - based on the 2015 MotoGP Mod - adjusted team performances

Adjusted the team performances for all 2015 teams. Obviously it is not perfect yet, but Suzuki is better than what it is right now therefore had to be adjusted. Since they went from 2 seconds down to 1 second down at the latest test in Valencia, one can only assume they will definitely fighting in the top 10.
Aprilia and Marc VDS are currently struggling big time, which is reflected in this mod. This is based on the last 2 MotoGP tests. Avintia now has Ducati...

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rkh updated 2015 Team Performances Mod with a new update entry:


here we go!! time for an update!! ok, 3 races into the 2015 season, slowly but surely it is revealed where the teams will "most likely" fight for positions this year in all three classes. as usual and especially since it is still early, this is a "work in progress" and will be updated every 3 to 4 races, for a total of either 5 or 6 updates.

This current update reflects these changes for MotoGP, Moto2 + Moto3 class. Categorized in Top 5 and 6th through last team but for exact detailed...

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Great job, but what about Bautista a.k.a "rocket fuel" ?

In race everthing is fine.
Great job, but what about Bautista a.k.a "rocket fuel" ?

In race everthing is fine.
BEWARE. AS giovaneveterano said, you MUST USE SEPARATE DATA files for MotoGP / Moto2 and Moto3, otherwise you will see exactly what happened to you. I will release a new package shortly, where this will hopefully be easier to discern
rkh updated 2015 Team Performances Mod with a new update entry:



ALSO: USE THIS MOD ***ONLY*** IN CONJUNCTION WITH hrcw's 2015 Team Update AND the "latest" PHYSICS MOD by giovaneveterano.

- Use Mixfile remixer to extract your DATA.MIX from the GAME'S MAIN FOLDER. Again, this is the DATA.MIX from Giovaneveterano Mod.
- Open the now existing DATA folder and overwrite the AI_DRIVERS.BML with mine.
- Repack with Remixer, make sure it is set to SBK-V8 format.

ENJOY!!!! FEEDBACK WELCOME...oh and here...

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ALL files provided in this latest update (Moto GP / Moto 2 uses same DATA.MIX, while Moto3 uses its own)
Use wisely and as instructed for the appropriate class to avoid file corruption!
rkh updated 2015 Team Performance + Riders Mod with a new update entry:


This is the DATA.MIX which includes my own physics, a blend of giovaneveterano and my own tweaks. It includes the db_teams as well as A.I. Drivers and as mentioned PHYSICS folder.


Overwrite your DATA.MIX in your main MOTOGP 2014 folder with mine.
You NEED THE ALTERED DB-TEAMS.BML for the CONTENT folder as well. I have provided this file in a previous update.

Look at one example here. What a race it was and very true to real life....

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Good work man but i need your menu.mix because on my default game, it says "Julian Simon" instead of "Mike Kallio", and many things.. lost my modded files :mad:( so, consider this as a favor.
Good work man but i need your menu.mix because on my default game, it says "Julian Simon" instead of "Mike Kallio", and many things.. lost my modded files :mad:( so, consider this as a favor.
Sure thing. Can you help me out with the names. I think lollo did well back then, but Alex Marcq can be changed to A. Marquez or A. Marqez I forget which one, but that is better. I also want to switch around Fab Quartar and I had changed Jakub Korn to J Kornfeil, but after re-installing the game and re-applying all updates, whatever I do, I get an error. What am I suddenly doing wrong with the hex codes? I think several improvements can be made, won't be perfect, but better than the aforementioned issues. A.Marqez (if this is the option I had, is still better than Alex Marcq)

Sending you menu.mix
Been working on a little somethin', somethin'. Would not be possible without the tremendous work of hxcftw and J0hnX28. We have been updating riders names, stats, riders pics with all the correct flags and avatar pics, certain liveries (obviously Moto GP is all done, and additional liveries will include MOTO 3 KIEFER LEOPARD RACING, possibly others) and certain menu pics are updated as well. Basically, a totally revamped 2015 MOD for all classes updating virtually everything that is possible to match the 2015 real life season. All stats are updated and current in accordance with the latest GP of Jerez.

This has been a tremendous amount of work. So many things to shuffle, aside from the sheer amount of typing the stats, etc. etc. Still work to do, so in the are a couple of preview shots. Again, I cannot thank the aforementioned contributors enough!!

You might remember lollospartacus had started adjusting MOTO 2 and MOTO 3 riders names for 2015, such as Fab Quartar, and Jorg Nava, Migue Oliv etc. but we were able to find a more properly matched to real life solution :ninja:
Certain bikes will NOT be updated, meaning the numbers on the actual bike and/or the bike itself. While we managed to get TEAM AJO in there, the bike itself is still the Caterham Asia livery, makes sense? Updating all the new MOTO 2 and MOTO 3 liveries for 2015 would have been too much. I am grateful to hxcftw as it is. But you will have all the proper riders of 2015 in all the proper classes. That also means Randy Krummenacher who was bounced after the last name update is back and rookie Zaqhwan Zaidi has been added, both competing in the Moto 2 class. Krummenacher is also in the right team JIR. Pretty cool, eh?

MOTO GP Preview:

CoMiNg SoOn!!!! :confused::ninja::rolleyes:
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I'd say it is about 95% done. Here is a list of what this Mod will feature:

1. Updated all team names for Moto3, Moto2 + MotoGP in accordance with the 2015 season
Example: Moto3 Updates include: Outox Reset Drink Team, Schedl GP Racing etc.
Moto2 Updates include: Derendinger Racing, Paginas HP40 etc.
MotoGP includes: CWM LCR Honda, Athina Racing, EG 0,0 Marc VDS etc.

2. Updated all rider names and team changes for all classes in accordance with the 2015 season (with certain limitations)
Example: Moto2 now has Zaqhwan Zaidi, Jesko Raffin, Florian Alt etc.
Moto3 Jorge Navarro, Fabio Quartararo, etc.

3. Updated every rider's and team performances for all 3 classes to reflect current 2015 season to the best of my ability. This will include Kallio's struggle so far and Quartararos impressive first 4 showings (save for that last corner Jerez mistake)

4. Tweaked Giovaneveterano's Physics Mod slightly.

5. All 2015 MotoGP livieries (a previously released Mod courtesy of hxcftw) and since Leopard Racing in Moto3 has been so dominant, he was gracious enough to agree to do that skin as well. So, we got the brand new Leopard skin with Honda package coming :))

Preview Screenies (check out all the team name changes CWM LCR Honda, etc)


Now that we have the 2015 Leopard skin (THANKS hxcftw) this will be the last preview before tomorrow's (possibly tonight) release of the COMPLETE 2015 MOD :ninja:


Performing final team performance tweaks and looking to iron out a kink with Tatsuki Suzuki in Moto3. Also, a few more Moto3 riders adjustments and we are golden :cool:
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The wait is over!!! Get ready to re-start your careers and compete with this brand new 2015 SEASON MOD!!!


- 2015 team names for all 3 classes
- 2015 rider changes for all 3 classes
- 2015 rider stats for all 3 classes (as of Qatar 2015)
- 2015 rider avatars + country changes (was 98% possible)
- 2015 real A.I. behavior for all 3 classes
- 2015 Class Selection Pics
and other little things here and there!



A fresh installation of your MotoGP14 STEAM version is highly recommended. Update your game to 1.001. (Steam will do it automatically)
NOTE: THIS MOD WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY IF USED WITH ANY OTHER COPY OF MOTOGP14 and/or the UPDATE 1.001. Make sure you have hxcftw's 2015 MOTOGP livery update. This is the MOTOGP2014.MIX (not provided here).

1. There are 2 separate DATA.MIX files (Moto2/MotoGP and Moto3) so please make sure to use the appropriate one depending on what class you race in. (new career ---> MOTO3 DATA.MIX, once in Moto2 / MotoGP use the OTHER DATA.MIX.

2. Use MixFile Remixer for the PILOTPIC folder, extracting your existing GFXPAK.MIX and overwriting that same folder within GFXPAK/PICTURES/PILOTPIC. This step ensures that you have all the current avatars for 2015. (Maria Herrera, Quartararo, etc)

3. Use MixFile Remixer for the MENU folder extracting your existing MENU.MIX . I have only provided the DB.ZTS file, so make sure you place this file within MENU/TEXT/UKENGLISH or whatever language you play the game in. This will ensure you have all the 2015 team names (CWM LCR Honda OPEN, OutoxDrink Team, JPMoto Malaysia, Leopard Racing, etc.)

4. Use MixFile Remixer for the CONTENT folder extracting your existing CONTENT.MIX from DLC01. Make sure it is DLC01. Then place the DB_PILOTS and DB_TEAMS files into the CONTENT/DATA/DB folder overwriting the existing files.

5. A.I. Drivers file is there just as a backup. It is obviously present in the DATA.MIX files (so are the DB_PILOTS and DB_TEAMS for the DATA folder of course)

6. Grab MotoGP 2015 liveries here: and Moto 3 Leopard Racing livery, of course :) Available here: And any other livery you might want from this forum.

Any questions, put them here. Would love your feedback. Aaaand...if you have successfully installed the 2015 Mod, you can expect to see something like this in Jerez (naturally and realistically this changes, not 1 GP is the same.)

look how insanely closely these times match the real QP times in Jerez
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