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2015 Sauber C34

Lesley Buurlage

CEO Northern Lions Esports simracing department


looks pretty good, that nose though :O_o:


Nice apex, I'll take it!
Nice to see a drastically different livery (Like when Williams went Martini). However, they really are lacking sponsors after last season, that will not help them in any way, shape or form.

I think someone left their thumb on the blueprint when photocopying it for the builders, and they put it on the nose :D

Aidan Keranen

League of Legends Play by Play Caster
thank god that grey is gone, I don't feel it made the cars look any better (when it was predominately white it was ok, but so bland and uninviting when mostly grey IMO)
I take I am the only one who isn't a fan of that blue look, I like that its blue, but that blue just looks a bit meh, better than what they had last year but still a bit meh


Had things gone my way, who knows..
If it had more sponsors, it would have looked better. I like it that there's finally a nice and normal blue car. :thumbsup: