2014 V8 Supercars - Clipsal 500 week-end review

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    Yves Larose

    here's my general review of the first event of this year championship, it is a more general review and it won't go in details of all the sessions. let's start with the manifacturers

    Holden as i was expected they are still the one to beat and they have claimed the 3 wins this week-end so not much to say there and no surprise.

    Ford man they need to step up if they want to claim the championship at the end of the season, they are not just at the same level as Holden at this point but still early in the season so let see how it will unfold for them.

    Nissan they have made a big step forward since last year so expect them to be in the top ten on a regular basis.

    Mercedes i'm a bit disappointed with them i thought that they would have made a bigger step forward like Nissan did but it seems less big for them, they seems to have solved their power steering issues so thats a step forward. lets see how it will go for the rest of the season.

    Volvo have shown what i was expecting meaning that they are here to compete and to compete with the big boys, they had a few issues with the cars but that is to be expected from a new operation lets see how fast they will be able to solve them.

    now lets have a quick look at the teams/drivers week-end.

    Red Bull Racing Australia

    as a team for me they had a very good week-end, they had 2 poles, 2 wins and 2 second place so they are still the team to beat. Lowndes had a very consistant week-end which resulted for him to be the champoinship leader after 3 races he just need to do that events after events and he will be the champion at the end. Whincup had a good first race taking the win, the second race wasn't too bad but did a mistake at the last corner of the last lap gifting McLaughlin second place. about the penality he got in race 3 well i think the rule needs to be more precise and specify that the controler can't touch the car cause what he did didn,t had any effect on the car performance he was simply pointing out whats need to be done by touching the area of the car that needed work.

    Holden Racing Team and all sub team

    i really think that this year they will give Red Bull Racing Australia a run for their money particularly James Courtney. they had some issues but they are working in the right direction and i expect them to get stronger and stronger as the season unfold. James Courtney claimed the third win which will be good for him since his accident at Phillip Island at then end of last year season. Tander like last year seems to struggle adapting to the car of the future but the season is still very young so he might bounce back very quickly. as for the sub team Slade had a good week-end and still learning and i will expect him to progress throught the year, same as slade Percat wil progress during the season and they will bring back some good points to the team.

    Ford Performance Racing and sub team

    not a so good week-end for them they really need to step up their game and do something to improve otherwise Nissan and maybe Volvo will pass infront of them. Frosty (Winterbottom) needs to find something inside of him if he want to claim the championship. Mostert week-end didm't go so well lets hope the next event will be better for him, as for Perkins and Reynolds they need to stup up one notch and help the team more.

    Nissan Motorsport

    not a bad week-end for them but they had some misfortune but they have shown that they had made progress.
    Rick was maybe the best of the the 2 brothers and a few good result. the sister team did good too with some misfortune so lets see if they can bounce back in the next events.

    Brad Jones Racing and sub team

    they shown good speed but wasn't able to turn it in good result throught out the week-end, Bright had a very scary moment in third race but he turned out ok so thats good. Coulthard have shown good pace too and was a bit luckier then Bright. as for Wood i guess he needs time to learn a little more.

    Dick Johnson Racing

    not a so good week-end for them, Pye bad luck continue to stick to him lets hope it will go away in the next rounds. David Wall didn't do so well either.

    Volvo Polestar Racing

    their debut was very impressive and they have shown that they are there to play with the big boys. Mclaughlin took second place in the second race which was very good, he took part of the top ten shoot out in the third qualy but went too far on the kerb in turn 2 and didn,t post a time but i think he would have been in the top 5 on the grid, in race 3 he had a car problem and had to retire from the race too bad. Dalhgren had a bad week-end many car isssues so lets see the next round if it will improve for him.

    Tekno Autosports

    not a bad week-end for them and Shane had a few misfortune but still brought some good point so lets see what will unfold for them in the next few round.

    Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport

    as expected not much to expect from that small team with a driver that should have sticked to his retirement anouncement of last year.

    that conclude my review of the first event of the season, stay tuned for the next round at Melbourbe ;)
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  2. the_sigman


    Great review Yves! Just to tell my opinion, the race at Melbourne will tell a lot more about Ford, which surprisingly didn't get a single podium. All Ford cars and especially FPR were really unlucky and got some unfortunate retirements. Also, McLaughlin showed that he a real star of the future to me, and Volvo are still learning things! Btw, Volvo impressed me by beating Mercedeses and Nissans, although they were improved, but must select a better second driver. Percat had a lot of speed, but must be more reliable and consistent, Pye had a great, but really unlucky weekend. Whincup got that unfair imo penalty that made him fight in the midfield, causing him to retire. Also, Lowndes had the almost perfect weekend, but a problem in the pitstop (1st race) and a great Courtney cost him victories. Funniest part of the race: Courtney without a door in Race 2 :)
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  3. Rhys Gardiner

    Rhys Gardiner

    Well to be fair to Dahlgren, he is a bit of a fish out of water in V8 Supercars. Though the difference between him and Scott McLaughlin is quite jarring... I give him until mid-year, if he's still at the back of the field by then I can't see him going anywhere else in this series.
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