2014 FSR Fantasy League: Season Analysis

The 2014 FSR Fantasy League has come to a close. With a shorter FSR season consisting of 12 races and just 9 FSR Fantasy League rounds, the championship had a thrilling competition, with several contenders for the title going into the final round and very small gaps between them! Fred Gosling, from Great Britain, rounded up a very consistent season to be crowned the 2014 FSR Fantasy League Champion, ahead of Ernesto De Angelis and James Sadler. 8 different managers participated in the Round Winners Draw, which was won by Danny van der Niet, from the Netherlands. Both Gosling and van der Niet will enjoy a fantastic Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset!

We are really thankful to all the managers who made the 2014 FSR Fantasy League a huge success! Managers from 29 different countries have taken part in this year's competition, scoring a total of 30206 points between them and making several hundred driver transfers and swaps!

Season Analysis


The 2014 FSR Fantasy League had 8 different winners in its 9 rounds, all of them winning a round for the first time ever in 2014. Although most round winners from the 2012 and 2013 editions participated in this year's competition, none of them were able to score a round victory in 2014. Even Fred Gosling, the newly crowned champion, who had won a round in the 2013 edition, took the title without winning any of the season's rounds. The same situation happened to runner-up Ernesto De Angelis, who is yet to become a round winner. Danny van der Niet, 6th in the final standings, was the only manager to win two rounds during the season.



As Danny van der Niet took the opening round of the season, the first one was the only one after which one of the managers who finished in the top-3 did not lead the standings. Fred Gosling was 8th, with Ernesto De Angelis and James Sadler outside the top-20. The second round was Gosling's strongest, placing 2nd and just missing out on the round victory due to the tie-breaker criteria. He took the lead by scoring a record-braking 113 points which would prove decisive later on during the season. De Angelis had his weakest round, trailling Gosling by 82 points in 47th place, with Sadler 43 points behind in 26th.

De Angelis had a great third round, reducing the gap to 65 points, while Sadler kept losing ground, 57 points behind leader Gosling. He started to reduce that gap on the fourth round, down to 34 points, but he was still outside the top-ten in the standings. De Angelis took a few points off leader Gosling, but was still only 23rd on the championship table.

The fifth round allowed Sadler to take his maiden victory, the only one by the top-3 in the 2014 FSR Fantasy League. A great score of 100 points allowed him to jump from 12th to 1st on the standings, dropping Gosling to 2nd, 6 points behind. De Angelis reduced the gap to the lead by 2 points, but was still only 17th on the standings. Round six allowed Gosling to retake the lead of the standings, a lead he would no longer lose throughout the remainder of the season. Sadler now trailed Gosling by 6 points in 2nd while De Angelis made it into the top-10 for the first time, 51 points off the lead.

The seventh round was a great one for De Angelis, who closed the gap to Gosling to just 32 points, from 82 behind he was after the second round, allowing him to jump to 4th in the standings. Sadler now trailed Gosling by 18 points but he remained in 2nd. The penultimate round allowed Gosling to increase the gap to Sadler to 31 points, with a disappointing round for De Angelis ending his positive streak and leaving him 52 points behind going into the final round, in 5th position.

With the FSR WC championship title switching between Bono Huis and Morgan Morand every minute, the final round was definitely a tense affair. In the end, a great round by De Angelis allowed him to jump from 5th to 2nd, reducing the gap almost in half to end 29 points behind the newly crowned champion. Despite having the poorest round of his campaign, the gap was enough for Gosling to take the title, while Sadler missed the opportunity to make the best of Gosling's weak round, losing 2 further points to end 33 points behind the champion in 3rd place.

Fred Gosling won the 2014 FSR Fantasy League by leading after 7 of the 9 rounds of the season and was never further than 6 points away from the lead at any time. He was already close in the previous editions of the FSR Fantasy League, after finishing 4th and 5th in the 2012 and 2013 editions respectively. His consistency, not scoring less than 45 points on any round, and his fantastic peak of 113 points, allowed him to stay on top despite not winning any rounds. It was definitely a well-deserved title for the British manager. Ernesto De Angelis will be disappointed with a pair of weak rounds at the beginning and end of his campaign which compromised his chances, but will be pleased to end on the podium after being 5th going into the final round. James Sadler, meanwhile, lost the chance and a position at the final hurdle, being Gosling's closest contender with one round to go, but he still made the podium on his first FSR Fantasy League season.

Congratulations to the top-3 championship finishers and to the other round winners: Danny van der Niet, Carlos Martin, Muhammed Patel, Liam Lagana, Giuseppe Marconi, Matt Pacher and Dian Kostadinov. Behind the top-3, Jonathan Holmes, Kyle Morris, Danny van der Niet, David Dominguez, Martin Hodás, Carlos Martin and Carlos Lozano completed the top-ten.

Fred Gosling's Road to Glory

R4 San Marino: 8th (74 points)
R5 Canada: 2nd (113 points)
R6 Great Britain: 13th (54 points)
R7 Germany: 32nd (50 points)
R8 Indianapolis: 20th (60 points)
R9 Italy: 7th (67 points)
R10 Australia: 21st (50 points)
R11 Japan: 11th (51 points)
R12 USA: 42nd (45 points)

TOTAL: 564 points

Thank you!

We would like thank all the managers who have taken part and everyone who has followed the 2014 FSR Fantasy League! We really hope you have enjoyed participating!
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