2014 FSR Fantasy League Draw Winner: Danny van der Niet!

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  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    As the original winner did not reply to emails to claim the prize, we have a new winner for the 2014 FSR Fantasy League Round Winners Draw. It's Danny van der Niet! He is the new owner of a Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset! Congratulations!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Participating round winners were: Danny van der Niet (x2), Carlos Martin, Muhammed Patel, Liam Lagana, James Sadler, Giuseppe Marconi, Matt Pacher, Dian Kostadinov.

    You can find the Draw's results at the following link: http://en.sortea2.com/versorteo/prve6d99dc9
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