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2013 Round 6 Recap: Silverstone, Great Britain

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    Wim van Velden, from the Netherlands, has won the third round of the 2013 FSR Fantasy League with 90 points! Congratulations! Teams are now open. You may now check your team's results and perform driver swaps and up to 2 driver transfers in your My Team page. You can also check your performance in your Mini-Leagues.

    Round Results & Standings
    Race Points
    Mini-League Results

    Round Results & Standings

    One of the magic things of the FSR Fantasy League is that while winning a round is definitely not an easy task and demands lining up the perfect team, some are able to win instantaneously. Wim van Velden, from the Netherlands, got off to a blistering start! He signed up and created his team just before the British GP and with his Plan B team, he won his first ever FSR Fantasy League round! The winning team consisted of race winner Ivar Kalamees, Jack Keithley, Gergo Baldi and Giuseppe Marconi. Switzerland's Franz Schnyder was 2nd with 89 points, while Spaniard Carlos Martín was 3rd on 82 points.

    Monaco round-winner Franz Schnyder enjoyed another strong round, with the Swiss always placing in the top-4 in the opening 3 rounds to retake the championship lead with 240 points. He leads the battle for the Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset from Javier Álvarez, who moved down to 2nd on 220 points. Pedro Rodrigues remains 3rd with 196 points.

    Wim van Velden joins Ondrej Kuncman, Franz Schnyder and Javier Álvarez as a contender for the other Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset that will be drawn among all round winners at the end of the season.

    Driver Results & Costs

    In an incredible race which had several contenders for victory like Bono Huis, Atze Kerkhof, Morgan Morand or Martin Gosbee, the new FSR World Championship leader prevailed: Ivar Kalamees. The Estonian took his first win of the season and was also the top scoring driver of the round with 36 Fantasy points. 2nd-place finisher Jack Keithley scored 29 points while Jernej Simoncic finished 4th from his 13th grid slot to become the 3rd top scorer on 26 points.

    For the first time in the two FSR Fantasy League seasons, Bono Huis is no longer the top scoring driver of the season so far, with Ivar Kalamees now leading on 89 points, ahead of Jernej Simoncic on 72 points. Bono Huis and Philipp Puschke are tied on 69 points each.

    Drivers' market costs were updated. Martin Gosbee (+800$), Zsolt Nagy (+600$) and Chris de Jong (+600$) were the drivers who climbed the costs ladder the most. Remember that the drivers that you already have on your team will continue to cost you what they did when you included them on your lineup.

    Official Mini-Leagues

    • Drivers Challenge: Franz Schnyder (89 points) took his second Mini-League round win, extending his lead in the standings, with a total of 240 points. WC debutant Carlos Martin and Eduard Mallorqui were 2nd and 3rd respectively, both on 82 points.

    • Team Managers Challenge: 2012 FSR Fantasy League champion Ondrej Kuncman (Precision Motorsports) took his second Mini-League victory, scoring 69 points, ahead of Johannes Kunkel (Precision Motorsports, 65 points) and Javier Álvarez (Positive SimRacing, 61 points), who is still leading the Mini-League with 220 points.

    • Administrators Challenge: WT Race Director Eduard Mallorqui took his first Mini-League victory with 82 points, ahead of Broadcast Director Sam Jones (69 points) and ISR Club President Johannes Kunkel (65 points). Despite not enjoying a great round, Pedro Rodrigues still leads, with 196 points.

    Share your Performances!

    If you are proud of your result on the third round of the 2013 FSR Fantasy League, remember you can share your achievements with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers by pressing the Facebook/Twitter icons in your My Team page!

    Feel free to discuss your performance in the round in this thread. Do you think you have picked the right drivers for your team? Any regrets on your lineup? Are you happy with the transfers/swaps you made for this round? Do you already have your next team changes planned? Did your drivers perform as expected at Silverstone? Let us know!

    Next Round

    After a 3-week break, the fourth round of the 2013 FSR Fantasy League will be the German GP on July 7th. Remember to perform the driver transfers and swaps you need to become the next round winner!
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