2013 Round 15 Recap: Interlagos, Brazil

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    Amer Hammoud, from Bulgaria, has won the final round of the 2013 FSR Fantasy League with 92 points! Congratulations! You may now check your team's results in your My Team page. You can also check your performance in your Mini-Leagues.

    Franz Schnyder, from Switzerland, has become the 2013 FSR Fantasy League Champion with 926 points! He has won the Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset! Congratulations! Mikko Puumalainen, from Finland, was 2nd on 900 points, while David Dominguez, from Spain, completed the top-3 with 876 points. Hope you enjoyed the 2013 FSR Fantasy League! Thanks for participating!

    Round Results & Standings
    Race Points
    Mini-League Results

    Round Results & Standings

    Motorsports often has surprizes, and so does the FSR Fantasy League. With the original race winner, Bono Huis, plus Ivar Kalamees and Marcel van der Linden all disqualified due to technical infringements, the FSR Fantasy League's round was mixed up, giving a big chance to many managers who hadn't yet broken into the top places. Bulgaria´s Amer Hammoud, who previously had a best round of 28th, grabbed the chance with both hands and took his first round victory, scoring 92 points. His Bornchampions team was composed by Jack Keithley, Dian Kostadinov, Zoltan Csuti and Blair Disley. Joshua Inman, from the United States, was 2nd on 85 points in his first FSR Fantasy League round! Meanwhile, Taylan Karaman, from Turkey, who only had a best round of 37th, took 3rd place on 79 points.

    With all 4 championship contenders resting their hopes on another Bono Huis win, their performances were compromised by his negative score of -6 Fantasy points. Mikko Puumalainen was the one who managed the best damage limitation, he was 29th on 42 points. Franz Schnyder was 41st on 36 points, with Ondrej Kuncman 45th on 35 points. David Dominguez, who was Schnyder's closest rival going into the final round, paid a big price for opting for both Huis and Van der Linden, and was only 97th with just 4 points!

    However, no disqualification managed to trouble Franz Schnyder. The Swiss manager took 2 round victories, led the standings after 7 of the 12 rounds and never dropped from the top-3 all season. Ending with a 26-point gap and managing to improve Ondrej Kuncman's 2012 FSR Fantasy League championship-winning tally by 18 points, there's no doubt the 2013 FSR Fantasy League has a worthy Champion, who will enjoy his Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset: Franz Schnyder! Finland's Mikko Puumalainen, also present in the 2012 podium, took the runner-up spot with 900 points, while Spain's David Dominguez lost a position at the end but still made the podium with 876 points. Congratulations to all of them!

    Amer Hammoud joins Ondrej Kuncman (x2), Franz Schnyder (x2) Javier Álvarez, Wim van Velden, David Dominguez (x2), Benjamin Chong, Sam Jones, Victor Pau Bellver Lopez and Fred Gosling in the final list of round-winning contenders for the other Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset that will be drawn among them. The winner will soon be announced!

    Driver Results

    Enjoying a perfect weekend in which he secured the World Series title with a victory before winning his maiden World Championship race the following day, Petar Brljak was also the FSR Fantasy League round's top-scorer for the first time, with 35 points. Poleman and podium finisher Dian Kostadinov was right behind on 34 points, while 2nd-place finisher Jack Keithley was 3rd on the list with 31 points.

    Despite actually losing points with his final round disqualification, four-times World Champion Bono Huis was again comfortably the season's top-scorer, on 380 Fantasy points. His team-mate, Ivar Kalamees, was the 2nd top-scorer on 254 points, with Jack Keithley 3rd on 216 points.

    Official Mini-Leagues
    • Drivers Challenge: Danny van der Niet took his first Mini-League round victory with 76 points, ahead of Ville Leppälä (57 points) and Ivar Kalamees (49 points). Overall champion Franz Schnyder (926 points) won this Mini-League ahead of Eduard Mallorquí (765 points) and Ivar Kalamees (694 points).

    • Team Managers Challenge: Johannes Kunkel (Precision Motorsports, 48 points) took his first Mini-League victory, with Ernesto De Angelis (Crown7NetRex, 42 points) 2nd and David Perez (Positive SimRacing, 39 points) 3rd. David Dominguez (Twister-Racing) took the Mini-League championship with 876 points, ahead of Ondrej Kuncman (Precision Motorsports, 865 points) and Pedro Rodrigues (GhostSpeed Racing Team, 777 points).

    • Administrators Challenge: ISR Club President Johannes Kunkel took his first Mini-League win to celebrate his presidency farewell, scoring 48 points. WC Director Mikko Puumalainen was 2nd on 42 points, with Pedro Rodrigues 3rd on 31 points. Mikko Puumalainen (900 points) has stolen the Mini-League championship at the final hurdle from David Dominguez (876 points), with Pedro Rodrigues (777 points) placing 3rd.

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    Feel free to discuss your performance in the round and the season overall in this thread. Do you think you have picked the right drivers for your team? Any regrets on your lineup? Are you happy with the transfers/swaps you made for this round? Did your drivers perform as expected at Interlagos? Do you think you made good choices throughout the season? Anything you wish you would have done differently? Let us know!

    Thank you!

    With the 2013 FSR season now over, the 2013 FSR Fantasy League has come to a close. We really hope you have enjoyed participating and that you look forward to the 2014 edition! Thanks for being part of the 2013 FSR Fantasy League!