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2012 FSR Fantasy League: Feedback Survey

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    With the 2012 FSR Fantasy League coming to a close next weekend, I would like to gather opinions, ideas, suggestions and any kind of feedback from both those who played and those who didn't. Answering the survey will only take a few minutes and will be very useful in the preparations for the 2013 FSR Fantasy League!

    1. Did you participate in the 2012 FSR Fantasy League? If you didn't, please state why. Would you consider participating in the 2013 FSR Fantasy League?

    2. What did you think about the 2012 FSR Fantasy League? Please share your opinion on both concept and implementation.

    3. What did you think about the 2012 FSR Fantasy League's website? Please share your opinion on design, user interface, ease of use, information displayed, etc.

    4. What would you like to see in the 2013 FSR Fantasy League? Please share all your ideas, suggestions, etc. here!

    5. What did you think about the point distributions? How would you improve them?

    6. What did you think about the drivers' variable market costs? Do you think they have accurately represented their performances?

    7. What did you think about the driver transfers/swaps system? How would you improve it?

    8. What did you think about the Thrustmaster prizes on offer? Which prizes would you like to see in the 2013 FSR Fantasy League?

    9. Any other feedback is appreciated!

    Thank you very much for your time. I hope you enjoyed the 2012 FSR Fantasy League and that you are looking forward to the 2013 edition!
  2. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    I can't say I've ever competed in any other fantasy competition of any kind before, so it's a bit hard for me to comment on the points system.

    Overall I thought it worked great, maybe the prices could overall have been slightly lower (or the spending limit slightly higher), as I found it very hard to afford to switch drivers in a practical way once I was locked in with my initial team.

    Website was perfect 10/10. I think it was a good idea to use the same design as the main FSR website. Easy to transfer/swap drivers, look up info, compare prices etc... It was all self-explanatory and easy to use.

    Maybe a Thrustmaster steering wheel would be a nice 1st prize for next season ;) hehe but I realize that's gonna be hard to get out of TM.

    Great to see the Fantasy League results being posted on FaceBook and Twitter. Would have been nice to get them posted on the main website as well I think.

    Hope to see this back again in 2013. You've done a top job Christian :thumbsup:
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  3. Fred Owen

    Fred Owen

    I guess competing in Fantasy NFL or Premier League fantasy is sort of different! The points system for me then works as I don't have anything to compare it to :) And I like it!

    As Simon said I found it very difficult to change my line-up once it had been made as driver prices would rise and my spending limit was already reached.

    Website - Fantastic :)

    Not sure about the prize... Wheel would be hard to get but still worth a go ;)

    Would love to see it back in 2013. Was a great addition to this years racing :)
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  4. Jonathan Holmes

    Jonathan Holmes

    Yes, since Round 7 when I discovered it & this league. Definitely will be participating in 2013 fantasy league.

    Very well. Because of the cost of drivers being risen or lowered after each race, you really have to think ahead and take risks by buying the new WC drivers in the hope they will do well and then have their price raised, so it makes it harder for others to have them also in their team because of the 10k limit.

    Website is great. Very easy to use and navigate around, the design is consistent with the FSR website which is nice also. There is thorough information after each race as every point/ -point is shown for each driver.

    Jonathan Holmes winning the 2013 Fantasy League. :roflmao:

    Didn't look at the point distribution much so I can't answer this one properly! :thumbsdown:

    Not sure about the pricing as I didn't look at every driver as they were raised/lowered, but the idea of it is excellent and as I said earlier, involves thinking ahead and taking buying risks.

    Worked fine for me - Don't know what else to say!

    Awesome, motivates me every week to make sure I have the best possible team in the hope that I can win it :thumbsup:
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  5. Ron Squire

    Ron Squire

    First time competeing in the fantasy league was new territory for me it was difficult yet ambitious desicions to make on the other hand it was brilliant

    See you all in 2013
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  6. Mikko Puumalainen

    Mikko Puumalainen

    Yes and yes I will.

    I enjoyed it a lot. I was wondering how the driver pricings would work, but throughout the year I had many challenging moments when it came to deciding my driver lineups, challenging but also rewarding :).

    I liked it, I think it served it's purpose just fine.

    Perhaps late WC substitutes could be added in to the database before a race. Although I don't know how their price would be set then, a default starting price of 1000 or so?
    I liked it, but perhaps next year there could be 1 or 2 "drop" races, meaning you could afford to have 1 or 2 bad weekends without it possibly ruining your season.

    Yes, although Bono might need a number over 5000 :).

    In terms of the functions on the website, maybe when trading drivers, the site could offer an option to "only show affordable drivers", removing all the drivers who are over your budget from the list.

    Also the site could perhaps automatically suggest some of these affordable drives to you based on their avg points scored per race.
    Prizes can never be too big I guess, but I think the gamepads were a good enough prize to fight over :).

    Thanks for making this concept a reality and for your work through the whole year :).
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  7. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    Thank you guys for your feedback. :) I'll comment on your posts later. There are some good ideas there!

    Anyone else wishing to give their feedback? ;)
  8. Milan Radivojevic

    Milan Radivojevic

    I got only one word AWESOME!!! That are my thoughts about Fantasy league! Evrything was just perfect,and ofc I will play next year aswell!!

    Milan Radivojevic
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  9. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    I've said I would comment on your feedback guys, so here we go:

    First of all, I would like to thank you guys for answering the survey and most specially, for all the support and positive comments. They are really appreciated! ;) The FSR Fantasy League has basically 4 main objectives: 1) of course, being a fun spin-off competition next to the great racing action provided by FSR; 2) allowing the general public to get closer to FSR, feel a part of it and participate even if they don't have the chance of driving or managing a real FSR team; 3) serve to FSR as a promotion tool; 4) become a differentiator for FSR compared to other leagues. While I think there's still some work to do together with the FSR admins in 2013 to gain more traction in the last two, getting to know that both drivers and non-drivers enjoyed the competition and found it a nice addition to the traditional racing is for me a great satisfaction! :) (and also a nice responsibility to try to prepare an even better 2013 edition!)

    Now, I'll comment on some specific feedback, ideas and suggestions:

    While those difficulties are kind of part of the challenge of the game by design, making it sometimes impossible to get drivers you desired and having to gamble on cheaper promises, it's good information for me to know that some of you sometimes felt stuck with their teams. On the other hand, some felt it was rewarding when getting risky transfers right, which was also the idea. :)

    Personally, I have to admit I am quite happy with how the prices vs. limit and the variable market costs worked, since getting the balance right is extremely difficult and could easily ruin the competition if it's wrong. I had to design the market cost formula with just 2 races done, before knowing how would the season pan out, so I'm quite satisfied with how it worked, as I had a few doubts myself before the season started!

    Thanks, an intuitive, easy-to-use UI was the idea, and I'm glad it gave that impression. I also tried to display as much useful information for players to make decisions as possible without making the design cluttered or confusing. There are some additions and improvements I have in mind for 2013 in this regard! ;)

    While the prizes is definitely what I have least control of, I'm glad you guys found them a motivation to succeed in the game. That was definitely the idea, specially in the round winners draw, which had the objective of allowing players who joined in late to have their chances intact until the last round. As a matter of fact, the lucky bast ehmmm.. I mean, Jonathan ;), won that gamepad despite joining in after a few rounds had already passed, luck helped prove that point.

    I would like to thank Thrustmaster for providing the gamepads that both Ondrej and Jonathan will soon be receiving and also, David Dominguez, who handled both the negotiations with Thustmaster and the sending of the gamepads to the winners.

    I agree there's more we can do from a press/promotion point of view, hopefully I can work on that together with the 2013 admin team.

    It's something I thought about and actually did during the 2010 FSR Fantasy League Beta. Problem with late substitutes isn't only the price but also that substitutes are usually confirmed at the last minute, which would make it a bit unfair for those who might not see them on time or ran out of transfers. Obliging players to constantly check whether there are new drivers close to the deadline isn't desirable either. It's something to think about, maybe with some earlier limit like 24 hours earlier or something.

    It's a good concept, not sure if very intuitive but I'll consider it. I think those bad weekends even out during the season though, even champion Ondrej had a round in which he didn't even get in the Top 50!

    I really like that idea! :) I wouldn't remove unaffordable drivers, since it might be good to know they are there if you plan to do 2 transfers (changing a driver for a cheaper one so you have enough money to get that one which was previously unaffordable), but showing them blacked-out or adding a toggle switch to filter them sounds helpful.

    While I kind of tried to do driver suggestions in a manual way in forum posts here at RD, there's definitely more that can be done in an automatic way inside the website UI itself indeed.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! :) It's a great satisfaction, a great honour to read those comments, they are really appreciated! I'm really glad you guys enjoyed it and look forward to the 2013 edition. While on the front-end it looks simple, there's a lot of work (and code!) behind the scenes to make it possible (maybe some day I'll write a post about the FSR Fantasy League behind-the-scenes, hehe) but it was a very enjoyable journey for me too! Thanks! :thumbsup: