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  1. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips

    Hi Guy's,
    Most of you already know me, For the others that do not my name is Ben Phillips.

    I currently drive for roaldo racing in the world trophy division. I have driven in every category within FSR gaining experience on my way.
    I started sim-racing in 2006 in nurbergring in FSR world series Ace, Before this race i had never driven sim games before.

    I would say i am currently a top 5 driver in World Trophy when i have time to practise.
    I would say that qualifying is not/never has been a strong point of mine, I would say my race craft is very good and i am very consistant at finishing in strong points positions.

    I am finishing my season in my current seat, However due to some changes in direction by my current team there maybe no position for next year?.

    So i am putting this post out now before all the teams recruit there drivers for 2011, If i was to wait for the start of the season i might miss the boat and be left with no team to drive for.

    I would be a very good choice in my opinion to drive for a team wanting to achieve good constructors points.
    I have done a very good job securing 95% of my teams points in WT.

    I look forward to hearing from you all.

    PM Me or add me to msn b.j.phillips@hotmail.co.uk

    Ben Phillips
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