2011 Chevrolet Aveo RS

William Yunck

Feb 19, 2008
I think it looks good, but unless it is really light, it's efficient 1.4L I-4-cylinder Ecotec turbocharged unit making 138-hp won't really turn those 19 inch wheels very fast. :D I hope they release it looking just like this, but it will probably get all detuned and chopped before it goes to production, and that I think is the problem with US auto makers. They can't seem to understand people want cars that look good.

Stefan Werner

Feb 26, 2009
There really isn't much they can detune on this car other than maybe giving it a less aggressive front bumper. The car does bear the new Chevy face, which can also be seen on the Malibu. What I think is funny is the clearly fake exhaust on the rear bumper. Not really a fan of the interior. That's my biggest issue with most American cars. While they have been getting better in recent years, IMHO, their interiors are still their biggest weak point.