2010 S! Piccolo



...better known as the second attempt on a reasonably priced car (which is quite late I have to admit) because I wasn't pleased with my sketches for the first one, in fact it just was horribly ugly.
Nevertheless I didn't give up and this is what I'm going to be occupied with for the next week or so.
(Image shows Piccolo Lounge with optional extras)

It'll be availiable with a pair of 4-cylinder petrol engines, a turbocharged 1,4 l, producing 115hp, and another biturbocharged 2,0 l, producing 205 hp. Over that there will be one 1,8l diesel engine developing 98hp. All three are being delivered with FWD and 6-speed manuals or an optional 6-speed automatic.
The top-of-the-range-model has an S!-Performance Studio tweaked 3,4 l V6 with a supercharger, good for 380hp. This is only availiable with AWD and a 6-speed manual or a pricey 7-speed DSG gearbox for seamless gearchanges.
The engine in any version is mounted at the front.

The car is only built as a 3-door hatchback but it will be customizable with a lot of decor choices e.g. the wooden roof you can see on the blueprint.
It is 4,1 m long and about 1,7 m wide. The height is 1,44 m. (please be honest, is it too low?) It weighs 1190 kg.
All versions come with 2 seats in the front and 2 seperate ones in the back as well, an armrest in the front comes as standart, in the back you can choose between another standart one or an optional refrigeator.

The basic models are equipped with 16" alloy wheels but there are several optional ones up to 18" availiable.

The price for the very basic petrol model (which I'll be entering the contest with) without any optional extras or decors is 14.650$.
Intended competitors are the Citroen DS3, the Alfa MiTo or even the Mini.

Your comments please? ;)

(Hope I'll finish in time xD)


Bad news. My graphics board died yesterday morning. I'm going to get a new computer today, my old one was 3 1/2 yrs old...
Luckily I always keep a backup of my progress on my external HDD. Now I just have to wait my my new one to arrive. I don't think I'll finish in time but I'll definately finisch later on.


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Damn, that's a real shame, good job you keep that backup. If you think that's old, you should try my dell. It's 6 years old, has about 700MB of ram and a 32GB HDD........depressing. What's more depressing is that the PC I built, which is pretty damn good, won't work, because of some frickin' cock up of the boot manager. ARGH.


Not really, sorry. I haven't given up but I certainly got to do other things at the moment. I'm going to catch the whole fantasy car stuff up later but not now...
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