2010 Formula One Spanish Grand Prix

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Xosé Estrada

The new rules really improved spectacle, at least this year something happened on track and we also had overtakings in pits, the refuel ban makes any mistake while changing tyres not reparaible while before you had at least 8 seconds to fix it.

Red Bull is fast, Webber did a perfect race and deserved the win while Vettel needs to learn to manage his brakes, he had this problem before in Australia while his teammate hadn't. Hamilton had very bad luck (or was too agressive with tyres?).

Alonso I think he did the best race possible, and Mercedes, trying to help Schumi, ruined their car and Rosberg's performance, not very intelligent move IMHO.

Ross Balfour

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Webber was dominant today as I really didn't expect! Race was OK I guess, shame Button, Massa and Schumi didnt have more of a fight, and Hamilton and Vettel too. Unlucky for Hamilton, but I couldn't help but smile :p
How annoying! F1.com: "After the Spanish Grand Prix weekend, who do you think is the quicker Mercedes GP driver?"

ehh... no comment...
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