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2010 6 Hours of Zhuhai BMW GT2

Skins 2010 6 Hours of Zhuhai BMW GT2 1.0

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Bernd Graf submitted a new resource:

2010 6 Hours of Zhuhai BMW GT2 - Exact replica of the 2010 #78 raced at cloudy Zhuhai :)

MOAR BMW GT2! In a series of replica BMW 2010 skins, next up is the lovely car raced at Zhuhai. As always, matched colors, logos, fonts, textures, driver names, and a host of other things like correct Dunlop tyres, scratch made numberplates, headlights, rims, and little trunk arrows that say "push" ( :D ) to bring you as close as possible to the 2010 car experience...minus, of course, the great race track. Hope someone mods that soon...:)


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