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2009 Formula One Chinese Grand Prix

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Wido Rossen

Nice drive by the redbull boys and again points for Button.
Tought on one time they would call it quits with that rain.
To bad for Sutil do, in the points out of the race......shame

Emerald Emblem

It could have been so much closer between Red Bull and Brawn had it not rained. However Mclaren had a solid result and so gutted for Sutil.

I believe we know which team dominates in the rain after this, Vettel Didn't put a foot wrong and is a supreme wet weather specialist. Well done also to Webber completing a dream 1-2 result for Red Bull.

I was disappointed in Barrichello not being competetive but hey, he got the fastest lap and a solid 4th despite the problems with his car balance.

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008

1 1 S.Vettel Red Bull1:57:43.485 9 2 3 2 M.Webber Red Bull+10.970 4 2 5 3 J.Button Brawn GP+44.975 0 2 4 4 R.Barrichello Brawn GP+63.704 1 2 12 5 H.Kovalainen McLaren+65.102 1 1 9 6 L.Hamilton McLaren+71.866 0 1 19 7 T.Glock Toyota+74.476 0 1 10 8 S.Buemi Toro Rosso+76.439 1 2 2 9 F.Alonso Renault+84.309 0 2 8 10 K.Raikkonen Ferrari+91.750 0 1 15 11 S.Bourdais Toro Rosso+94.156 0 1 11 12 N.Heidfeld BMW Sauber+95.834 0 1 17 13 R.Kubica BMW Sauber+106.853 0 2 20 14 G.Fisichella Force India+1 LAP 0 1 7 15 N.Rosberg Williams+1 LAP 1 3 16 16 N.Piquet Jr Renault+2 LAPS 0 3 18 17 A.Sutil Force India+6 LAPS 0 2 14 - K.Nakajima WilliamsRetired 0 3 13 - F.Massa FerrariMechanical 0 0 6 - J.Trulli ToyotaAccident 0 1
Sep 16, 2008
Fantastic drive by Vettel and Webber. Nice to see Lewis in a spin more than once. I think he has caught up to Massa's wet weather spins now :).

James Johnson

The Weatherman
Jan 17, 2007
The Tethers on Sutils car didnt do there Job of keeping wheels attached. Has anyone else noticed lately how easy the wheels are coming off? Eg: Kubica at Melbourne when he went into wall after being hit by Vettel.

James Johnson

The Weatherman
Jan 17, 2007
Nick Heidfeld Hit the Roaming Tire.


Nick Heidfeld says his late slump in the Chinese Grand Prix was due to damage sustained when he collected debris from Adrian Sutil's heavy accident.

The Force India spun into the barriers with five laps to go and sustained severe front-end damage, with a detached wheel hitting Heidfeld's BMW, which was running eighth at the time but subsequently slipped to 12th.

"Close to the end of the race I had the chance to score one or two points, but then there was a lot of debris on the track, including a wheel, from Adrian Sutil's accident," said Heidfeld.

"I tried to find a way around it, but it was unpredictable which way it would go and it hit me. Afterwards the car felt very strange and I lost four places."

He said he had already been struggling with damage from an earlier tangle with Timo Glock.

"On lap 13 Timo Glock hit me, which caused damage to the car and certainly didn't help," Heidfeld said.

"Of course I'm disappointed with the outcome of today's race, but at the same time I feel I should be grateful I was able to finish it at all."

Kyle Evers

Wet race = awesome show

I was really surprised with the 1 - 2 finish of Vettel and Webber, though Webber did prove himself during qualifying. I think even though I'm not a RB Renault fan it would have been nice to see Webber to get his first F1 win.
Sep 3, 2008
Can someone explain the difference between the rain in Malaysia and the rain in China?, they didn't want to or were prevented from racing in Malaysia yet in China with appaling conditions they did the full race.

Kyle Evers

Can someone explain the difference between the rain in Malaysia and the rain in China?, they didn't want to or were prevented from racing in Malaysia yet in China with appaling conditions they did the full race.
Well in Malaysia there was HEAVY rain. I remember them showing a bit of Kimi going through the more wet part of the track and it looked like he was driving thourgh a lake. Then they stopped the race because of some lighting issues or something. Or was it "lightning" issues? I forget. Anyway, the rain in Shanghai got to be pretty light towards the end of the race.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
Someone on the commentary said that, at Malaysia, the water was so heavy on the track, the cars were creating a "bow wave". That's some proper weather right there.

Vettel was fantastic, Webber was too, and considering the Brawn hadn't done any wet testing, they did a pretty solid job.

I'm liking seeing the "normal order" turned upside down, but I'd like a dry race for a change, and seeing as we're at Bahrain this week, I'd go out on a limb and say the chances of a dry race are "favourable" :)

Matt Crouch

What F1 is missing is the Saharan grand prix

sand storms instead of rain :eat:
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