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Misc 2-way Traffic Layouts for "The Evo Triangle" 2019-10-04

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Jul 3, 2017
alekabul submitted a new resource:

2-way Traffic Layouts for "The Evo Triangle" - Left lane and Right lane variants of AI traffic

Rollin` hills as far as eye can see! Big sky, wind in the trees and a bunch of hypercars stretching their mighty long legs. Throw yourself in the mix and feel the need for speed on this enticing road.
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Install: first you must have the track. Then extract all from "2-way...
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Jun 22, 2017
Hi. If you are looking for similar tracks like the "Evo triangle" with lots of public roads for your 2-way-traffic layouts please check these tracks:
  • Carrieres de Beez
  • New Plymouth
  • Sachsenring 1967
They all can be found here on RD.
And if you want some more touge tracks like Akagi, here are some suggestions:

  • Hakone Turnpike
  • Happogahara (Drift Course) - free version
  • Mt. Akina
  • Myogi
  • Otarumi Touge
  • Route 45
  • Shoubudani
  • Usui Pass
I have no idea, where I did find some of them, sorry. All of them seems to have a place to turn around, so making a 2-way-trraffic layout should be possible.
Thank you for your hard work and have fun driving.
Jun 22, 2017
For 2-way on Mt.Akina see my post here.
The space for U-turns is the one to look for, the other is the pits. Too cramped or not working pits thwart all efforts.
No prob`s for me to search outside RD and look at the proposed tracks. Takes time but what`s the hurry, right? :)
I have found your Akina Layout already by accident. Maybe it is a good idea to post it in an own thread like your other layouts, so more people can find it.