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Misc 2-way Traffic layout for "Spa 1966" and CSP config 2020-02-12

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Jul 3, 2017
alekabul submitted a new resource:

2-way Traffic layout for "Spa 1966" and CSP config - Fast course with traffic from AI in track day. Config for CSP and Sol.

After seeing the new Fonteny and tweaking the traffic for it I had much pleasure discovering the "Spa 1966" to be of almost equal high quality. So I did the usual - wetFX chameleon surface for the roads, seasons and lighting to set the scene for hours of an extremely high speed driving.
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Rex Racer 65

Aug 5, 2017
Wow, thanks so much! I love AI trackdays on this track with vintage cars or modern sportscars. Since you're so handy with this, would you possibly be able to fix the AI Fastlane & hints for normal racing too? Currently, the AI race starts are a complete mess. They get confused by the nearby pit lanes and get sucked in going pit speed. Would love to be able to have some good vintage racing too!