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2 times WRC2 pro champion and I get 3 contracts in WRC2?


Feb 7, 2016
2 times WRC2 pro champion and I get 3 contracts in WRC2 again?!
It's amazing what they have done in season mode! Totally disappointed! 2 times champion in WRC2 and they continue to offer me contracts in WRC2 !! I haven't been able to run the full game on WRC yet! for worse, it does not let us choose the Rally or the stretches as in WRC7 !! I am very angry and disappointed with the developers!
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Oct 31, 2009
ye man, this happened to me, i had the 'more rare events perk' on the calender, i think this got me some WRC try outs and manufacturer relationship xp. i got offered 2 contracts by toyota(end season 2), then 1 rally in ford came along. but even after winning the season, hyundai still didnt offer a contract, the other 3 did ha

it could do with longer rallies as you progress through the seasons
a full WRC mode without the career, although i understand why they make us use the R5 1st as there alot of fun to drive, and something i wouldnt have bothered to drive if they hadnt made me, im glad they did